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On 17th April 2017 I was lying in bed, my mind going crazy with ideas. I randomly decided to launch a Facebook group and I named it Global Travellers. I wanted to create a safe space for travellers and aspiring travellers to be able to connect.

Within a week there were 1,000 travellers engaging like crazy and before I knew it people were tagging me and asking me to arrange a time for us all to get together.

8 weeks later, 60 of us met up in Snowdonia for the weekend to climb to the summit and I guess, accidentally, the first WMGT event took place.

Within weeks I was officially set up as a tour operator and using all the knowledge I had gained and absorbed in my 3 years of near constant travel, I begun designing Where’s Mollie itineraries.

Since then I have hosted adventures in the Lake District, Byron Bay, Cornwall and Croatia.

I created Where’s Mollie Global Travellers to be a breath of fresh air in a cloud of confusion. I want it to re-ignite the fire between all of us, to take life back to the very basics and to rebuild human interaction away from technology.

I am so excited to expand and bring new destinations in for 2019.

I have a feeling this is just the beginning for WMGT.



Adventure #10 WMGT ‘Summer in the Castle’

Dates: 5th – 7th July 2019

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