Colour Changing Map Mug


  • A MAGIC COLOUR CHANGING MUG: Why drink your hot coffee or tea from a regular map when you can drink it from this magic mug? The heat sensitive mug will change colour once you pour a hot beverage in it. Beat the sadness that the morning brings with this exciting magic color changing coffee mug.
  • NO MORE BURNT TONGUES: Do you want to take a sip from your hot coffee without burning your tongue? Take a look at the magic mug. If the world map artwork is completely visible and bright, your drink is probably still very warm. If the mug starts returning to its initial dark color, then your coffee has become cold.
  • SAFE AND HEALTHY MATERIALS: The colour changing mug is made with nontoxic ceramic that is free of heavy metals and hazardous chemicals. The pretty world map artwork is made with thermo-graphic ink, which is not dangerous for your health. Just remember to always hand wash the mug to ensure its longevity.Not suitable for microwave ovens and dishwashers
  • A UNIGUE AND MAGICAL GIFT IDEA: Are you looking for a gift for a friend or family member? Give them this heat sensitive world map cup and don’t tell them what it can do.Then offer them some hot coffee or tea and watch their faces as the colours of the mag magically change! That’s one magic gift!


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