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An epic road trip bucket list for the UK & Europe

It's no news that I love a good road trip. Having just bought and converted a VW T5 into a camper van, I am currently pulling a list together of all the road trips in Europe that I'd like to take it on. As I'm mid research, I thought I'd bring to you a list [...]
A 4-day northern France road trip

A 3-day road trip through Normandy, Northern France

It was certainly a bold move to head to northern France on a road trip at the end of September, as the weather can be a little unpredictable... but I’m never one to say no to a road trip. Where there's French wine and boulangeries, it's a yes from me. This Normandy road trip itinerary [...]
Catching the ferry from London to France and Les Eurockéennes festival

Planning a French and Swiss mountain road trip

I don’t usually talk much about the planning stages of my adventures, I guess because to me it comes second nature now after so much experience. But honestly? The key to a fun, spontaneous and memorable road trip is definitely in the planning so in today’s post I’m going to share with you how I [...]