Going Backpacking? Let me help you!

When I was 18 I finished my A Levels and spontaneously headed out (with a friend i’d just met) to backpack South East Asia for 9 weeks. This trip completely changed me. I experienced my first taste of freedom and I fell in love with the feeling. I continued on to backpack both Australia and New Zealand too in 2015 and 2016.

Backpacking will always have a special place in my heart l and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Book your ticket and go immerse yourself in as many people, cultures, adventures and experiences as possible. This is your time to get to know yourself, to have fun and to bring your dreams to life!

Feeling nervous? Not sure what to pack? Worried about going solo? Can’t choose a destination? I’ve created this page to help guide you. Let’s get your adventure underway…

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