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About Mollie

It's lovely to meet you...

In case we haven’t met before: my name is Mollie, I’m 27 and I’m from the UK.

I am the photographer, videographer and creative behind the Where’s Mollie? brand and founder of the Global Travellers tour operator and community.

I’ll try and keep it short here…

Adventure and nature are basically at the heart of everything I do and through my platforms, I aim to provide the inspiration, the knowledge and the tools for my readers (you) to get out there and live their dreams too.

I started with my travel blog in 2014, branched out into hosting bespoke outdoor adventures in 2017 under Global Travellers and last year I launched my first wall print collection online.

2020 is all about hitting the road and living the life I dreamt of in nature with my dream van conversion.

We don’t do limits here.

Welcome to the adventure…

I am a strong believer that, for some, life wasn’t meant to be lived in one place and that, should your heart be pulled towards a person, a country, or an experience… you must pursue it or one day you may live to regret it.


I don’t do regrets.


You can’t have regrets if you know that everything you did at the time was what you wanted but you sure can have regrets if you knew exactly what you wanted, yet chose to do nothing about it.
I live my life pursuing my dreams and immersing myself in anything and everything that I love.
I see this blog as my little space on the internet to share my adventures, share my knowledge, share my creations and inspire you guys to go out there and follow YOUR dreams.

Be it travelling the world, applying for your dream job, getting over your ex or just living life a little bit fuller each day, sometimes all we need is a little encouragement and I hope to be exactly that.
One day you’re going to look back at your life…
Make sure you’re going to smile and wish nothing more than that you could do it all over again.
– Mollie, 20.04.16
The beginning
At 19, after finishing my ALevels, a backpack graced my back for the first time and I set out on a 9 week backpacking adventure through South East Asia. I started my blog as a place to document my memories, an online scrapbook if you may.
Where's Mollie? is born
In 2015, Where's Mollie was born. I realised people were making full time livings out of 'travel blogging' and so I set my sights on the goal. I worked relentlessly with a part time job to fund my travels and I created consistent travel guides and content across all social channels to build the brand.
Full-time travelling
In September 2016 I decided to take the plunge and focus all my energy into content creation. I didn't know how I was going to make a living but I knew somehow I would. I left London for a 5 month solo adventure through NZ, Australia, Japan and Indonesia. Upon returning, I was exhausted and close to giving up. It was then I was called into a meeting at Sony and I was signed as a talent to Insanity Group.
Global Travellers is born
I knew I had captured an audience and, if i'm honest, I was receiving more questions than I could answer and so I set up the Global Travellers Facebook page to bring together my community and to create a family. We grew to over 1,000 family members in just a week and we're still thriving.
Global Travellers adventures
I could see our generation getting lost in technology and I felt sad that often that sense of 'adventure' got lost in there too. And so I took all the knowledge I had gained over my 4 years of near constant travel and I curated bespoke Where's Mollie adventure itineraries that focused on bringing people together, away from technology. You know, back to the simple things.
2020 onwards
2020 has been a huge year for my personal growth. The global crisis has given me the opportunity to slow down, to work less, to head out on the road in my converted VW T5 and to begin studying as a conscious connected breathwork facilitator. I'm very excited about the next chapter...
2020 onwards

the where's Mollie Team

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Founder, creative, photographer and videographer behind Where's Mollie?



Professional model

You'll be seeing him around.



Editor, proofreader and writer

Shannon has a degree in English Language and is currently teaching abroad.


Neil Ransome


General manager broadcast and digital at Insanity Group.