Farm work in Australia: Finding a job, top tips and advice

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Your Working Holiday Visa in Australia is waiting for you. For most, that looks like two years of soaking up dreamy beach days, BBQs with friends, 4WD experiences, boat trips, great barrier reef dives and hammock hangs in beachside hostels…

Sounds like the dream right?

‘But wait’ I hear you ask, ‘don’t you have to complete farm work in Australia to get your second-year visa granted?’

The answer is yes and there’s no way around this catch.

In order to have your second-year Working Holiday Visa in Australia granted, you must complete 88 days (basically 3 months) of regional work aka farm work. Now, I haven’t done farm work in Australia myself yet but I know it’s a pretty daunting prospect considering the number of horror stories you hear.

Thing is, farm work in Australia isn’t always a hellish experience, I’ve heard plenty of great stories about it too. So in an attempt to help you with planning your farm work in Australia, and settle some of the concerns you may have, I reached out on my Global Travellers Facebook page and on my Instagram and I pulled together 14 wonderful individuals who had been out there, got the t-shirt and were willing to share their farm work story.

In this blog post and in these two videos, along with the help of 14 Global Travellers, I have compiled as much knowledge as possible together to help you successfully plan, execute and complete your farm work in Australia to get that golden second-year visa! Ready?

Farm work in Australia: Finding a job, tips and advice

In this first video I ask 14 Global Travellers:

  • their name
  • what farm work they did and what it involved them doing
  • how they found their farm work
  • how they would sum up their experience
  • their best bits and their worst bits

Watch the video to find out more…

In the second video, I asked the same 14 Global Travellers what top tips they have to share and what things they wish they were told before planning and executing their farm work experience.

Watch the video below to get advice from these lovely humans who have first-hand experience and are here to tell their farm work story…

Heading out on your farm work soon? Good luck!

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There are city guides, backpacker budgeting help, road trip itineraries and so much more. See more below…

Have you completed your farm work in Australia?

Do you have any additional tips to share with the crew? I’d love to know!?

Love as always and happy adventuring,


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Farm work in Australia: Finding a job, top tips and advice
Farm work in Australia: Finding a job, top tips and advice

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