Play Women’s Rugby In London for FREE with RFU Inner Warrior

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Over the last 12-months, I have been working with England Rugby on various projects, including London 7’s and their O2 Touch Rugby programme. I love this partnership because I feel completely aligned with everything that rugby represents: community, movement of your body, adrenalin and fun.

This time, they invited me down to get involved with their Inner Warrior (IW) Campaign, an initiative that introduces women of all ages, sizes and abilities to rugby – for free! Check them out on Instagram at @englandrugbyinnerwarrior. See the official Inner Warrior website here.

I’ve played touch rugby before so I was excited, though admittedly a little nervous, to take it a step further and try out the full rugby union experience at a training session with Streatham & Croydon RFC. For valid reasons, we tend to associate playing Rugby with getting hurt. Hence why, like many ladies, my first reaction to this was nervous. But that’s something I’d like to calm with some knowledge for you.

When you turn up to these Inner Warrior rugby sessions, you are welcomed by a group of friendly ladies that are all there for the same reason as you, to workout, to move and to join teams to complete a challenge. The nature of Inner Warrior rugby sessions is focused on introducing you to the techniques of rugby and you’ll work up to the contact elements of the game if you’re comfortable with them. You absolutely won’t be walking into a full-contact rugby game but that’s not to say you won’t pick up a bruise here and there. Do you know? If you aren’t comfortable at any point, you are by no means obliged to stay!

Did I mention Inner Warrior sessions are free?

P.s. This isn’t just something for Londoners – there are sessions taking place all across the country over four to five consecutive weekends, so you can build some real momentum in your fitness regime, whilst truly getting to grips with the basics of rugby. Don’t worry if you have missed the first session, they are designed so that you can join at any time throughout the series and there are plenty of ladies there to help you out.

See the Spotify playlist I created in collaboration with England Rugby here – it’s genuinely the playlist I work out to. Save it for later.

If you have no idea what the London 7’s is, get the 23/24th May in your calendar and see more here. Think rugby, dressing up, beers, community, huge stadium energy and summer in London combined! It’s the ONE. Watch my vlog of the day here.

Play Women's Rugby In London for FREE with RFU Inner Warrior
Play Women's Rugby In London for FREE with RFU Inner Warrior

For those who are new to Inner Warrior rugby or rugby in any form, here are a few tips for you:

  1.  These Inner Warrior rugby sessions are so welcoming, you don’t need to be afraid. They are truly inclusive for women of all shapes, sizes and skill sets.
  2. Inner Warrior rugby sessions are completely free to attend? We know that January can be a tough month for money, but this way you can get fit, for free, and with no long-term commitment
  3. All you will need to take part in Inner Warrior rugby are a pair of trainers, your usual workout gear (maybe something you don’t mind potentially getting a little muddy) and a ‘have a go’ attitude…

We are already in the second month of 2020, and I know most of you will have set your goals for the year, but if one of those is around learning something new or moving your body more, then I recommend you take a look at the Inner Warrior website and find a session near you.

It is the perfect weekend activity whether you want to go solo or with friends, the choice is yours. Should the set of sessions be nearly over, still get in contact with your local club ready to join the next set of sessions. New beginners are welcome all year round!

How to get going… What do you do next?

If you are female, aged 17 and over, visit to find your nearest Warrior Camp and register your place at one of the 100 rugby clubs taking part across the country.

The club will let you know the next available sessions for you to join and then just lace up your trainers and get out there!

England Rugby have answered all your FAQ’s for these sessions on their website here, including what to wear, whether you’ll get hurt and what to bring with you! Easy!

  • Play Women's Rugby In London for FREE with RFU Inner Warrior
  • Play Women's Rugby In London for FREE with RFU Inner Warrior
  • Play Women's Rugby In London for FREE with RFU Inner Warrior
  • Play Women's Rugby In London for FREE with RFU Inner Warrior
Play Women's Rugby In London for FREE with RFU Inner Warrior

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