An open top car tour of London’s iconic landmarks and landscapes

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I spend a considerable amount of my time in airports, on planes and uncovering the hottest locations across the globe so when I’m home – I’m so down to just relax. In the past couple of years I’ve not prioritised any adventure in London really. Home time has been work time and this led to me associating fun with everywhere in the world, but my home town.

Then earlier this year, everything came to a complete head. You may remember from this blog post I shared.

In short, I didn’t feel like I had a home but a home was all I was seeking.

I figured that home actually is the place and the people in which you invest the most time in.

And so, knowing that London is the perfect place for me and my career to be right now, I decided to give London a chance to be exactly that.

I have spent the last few months investing my time in London and making time for fun and adventure in between all of the work, meetings and deadlines I complete here. It feels amazing and so do I.

One of the things I set out to do this summer and beyond was to discover London and all the iconic landmarks and buildings we have here as a tourist.

I want to discover the beauty (and there’s a lot of it) right on my doorstep.

I wanted to have more tourist days.

So, I called upon my favourite adventure bunny and best friend Lydia and together we jumped in our favourite adventure mobile, the Mazda MX-5 RF, to do exactly that…

  • An open top car tour of London's iconic landmarks and landscapes
  • An open top car tour of London's iconic landmarks and landscapes

Our open top car London route in order of landmark / location:

  • My Fulham apartment
  • Brompton
  • National History Museum
  • Harrods / Knightsbridge
  • Hyde Park Corner
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Westminster and Big Ben
  • Southbank / London Eye
  • Waterloo
  • South of river through Battersea and across Chelsea bridge.

Top tip: Don’t over pack your itinerary for the day. Choose 5 / 6 things you’d like to do and go with an open mind. Traffic is pretty much always a thing in London (as with any city) and whilst distances may be short, traffic can be a nightmare.

Other ideas for your London road trip:

  • picnic in Hyde Park
  • park up and go on the London Eye
  • rent some Boris Bikes and cycle through Battersea Park
  • drive across Tower Bridge
  • drive through Oxford Circus and past Selfridges (this would be great for the christmas lights!)


Top tip: If you’re planning an overnight stay in London, remember you can use this link to get £25 travel credit for your first Airbnb booking!

Have you been on a London road trip?

What were your favourite spots? I’d love to know!

Love as always + happy adventuring,


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An open top car tour of London: landmarks you cannot miss

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