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I realised yesterday that I hadn’t yet shared a bucket list of mine with you… and so this post was born. For as long as I can remember I’ve always written down bucket lists on notepads. Life dreams and year goals too actually.

I definitely believe that writing down your dreams kickstarts you and sets you well on your way to achieving them.

Some call it the law of attraction,

I call it the gravitational desire.

I definitely just made that up, but i like it. You write down your desires and once you have acknowledged each (enough to have written it down anyway), your goals are subconsciously set and your actions and conversations will gravitate you towards doors that will open to your desires.

I’m sat now en route to the USA on an 11 hour flight and attempting to pass another hour, so I thought i’d share with you my gravitational desires for the next couple of years. Some i’m actually getting to tick off in the coming months on adventures that i cannot wait to share with you.

Where's Mollie? My updated bucket list, August 2017 | Where's Mollie? A travel and adventure lifestyle blog

Here’s my bucket list, August 2017…

1. Burning Man, Nevada

This has been number one on my bucket list for a very long time. The mystery of what actually happens and goes down in the desert community that this festival resides within is unknown and has big magical question mark around it. All I know is that you don’t take money (it’s a trade off concept, you take what you need) and whenever i’ve asked someone about their Burning Man experience they have told me, ‘it was the best week of my life’. Burning Man isn’t the kind of festival I would just buy a ticket and turn up for so i’ve been waiting for the right group to go with… 2017 found me exactly that.

2. Tokyo, Japan

Well, if you know me you’ll know my love for the green powder and if you know Japan, you’ll know it’s home to the green powder (matcha) and also my favourite cuisine in the world. After getting a taster of the intelligent and purely fascinating culture of Japan in Niseko, Feb 2017, I am literally buzzing to return to the land of sushi, matcha and harujuku girls in September to explore the capital, Tokyo.

3. Kauai, Hawaii

Considering I’m ticking of the two desires above in the next two months, Hawaii is officially top of my to-do list. My favourite adventures are roadtrips, and ones including mountains and oceans which Hawaii seems to have an absolute abundance of. Hawaii makes me want to surf, be a beach bum, hike mountains and eat Poké – all at once. Oh, maybe put some flowers in my hair too and attend a yoga retreat too.

4. Get a camper van and drive through europe

Oh my gosh, I know I just said Hawaii was top of my list, but for just one second – I forgot all about my camper van. I intend to buy my own within the next year and I am finally going to adopt life on the road for a bit. Well at least for periods at a time where I can be self sufficient, have all my cameras with me and basically live in the mountains.

5. Roadtrip the Great Ocean Road

I’ve been to Australia 3 times now but there is simply too much beauty to ever be able to see it all, so yes I plan to go back. The next thing I am desperate to do and experience down under is the Great Ocean Road.

6. Hike through Chile and Patagonia

Purely based on other travellers, that i’ve met on the road, updating Facebook with their incredibly mind blowing captures.

8. Ibiza, Balearic Islands

Just like burning man, i’ve always wanted to go. I’m simply waiting for the opportunity or the right group of friends to go and boogie with.

9. Live with a tribal community in northern region of South America

During a downpour last week at Wilderness I took shelter underneath an Acai pop up stand where i got talking to the owner about the story of her brand. On a bit of a whim she told me she had packed up and headed, quite literally, on an acai hunt to South America. She found communities that for her summed up what ‘life was about’ and I was simply fascinated by her adventure and the madness she stumbled upon. I basically want to go on an acai mission of my own now.

10. See the Northern Lights

Absolutely that. I think this is something on most peoples bucket lists and for good reason. I would love to witness the flowing sensations of colour that grace the skies in certain corners of the world. Even happy to see the southern lights in e.g. new zealand which i have only just dissevered is a thing.

11. Stay in a tree top lodge.

Even though this is number 10, it’s well and truly up there. I am literally dying to stay in a treetop lodge / tree house (preferably under the stars with rope ladders to get it it, but i wouldn’t be fussy).

What’s on YOUR bucket list?

Get a piece of paper, a pen and write them down!

Love as always + happy adventuring,

Mollie x

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