The ultimate East Coast of Australia bucket list

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At least once in your life, I really do hope you make it to the east coast of Australia. Australia is the dream. I could honestly write a book on the places you must visit and things to do in Australia because there are so many but today, we’re going to start with this blog post: the ultimate East Coast of Australia bucket list.

In this blog post, I’m going to highlight the best things to do on the East Coast of Australia, the coastline that is so popular with tourists arriving internationally. This blog post has all of the must-see destinations and attractions that, in my eyes, you simply cannot head to Australia without checking off your list.

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Why, you ask? Why is it that you have to go to Australia?

Well, if it isn’t the golden beaches, health-conscious cafes, outdoor living, relaxed culture or abundance of UNESCO World Heritage sites that draw you Down Under, then let it be the likes of Whitehaven Beach, the vineyards, the surfing or the endless road-trip possibilities.

Whether you’re heading over on a solo adventure to Australia, a backpacking adventure, a working holiday visa or just a holiday, you may be wondering where you should add to your bucket list for the East Coast?

Let’s tuck in, shall we?

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Here are the 14 best places to visit on the East Coast of Australia…

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1. St. Kilda

There are not many destinations where I sit and think, ‘I could see myself here long term.’ But, with Melbourne I did, especially St. Kilda.

St. Kilda is a small seafront town located in Melbourne, just outside the city centre. Trams run every 20 minutes into the centre and you have the beach life right on your doorstep. You seriously have the best of both worlds. Combine that with the beach front bars and live music venues, and you have the dream set up.

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East Coast Australia Bucket List

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2. Fraser Island

This is one you simply cannot miss. Whether you join in with one of the many tours that run on this island or hire a 4X4 for yourself, you are going to fall in LOVE.

I have explored this island twice: once with Nomads Tag Along Tour (via RatPack) and once with Cool Dingos:

  • For a proper backpacker vibe check out  my experience with Nomads Tag Along Tour here
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3. Diving or snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef

A world heritage site, seen from space, 400 types of coral, 10% of the world’s fish species, and the largest coral reef system on Earth… Whose bucket list ISN’T this on???

Unfortunately, largely due to global warming, the Great Barrier Reef has suffered extensive damage, and is said to have halved the amount of space it originally covered. Perhaps this is one to tick off your list sooner rather than later. Apparently you see less damaged areas if you dive, or if you really want to snorkel, then head south of Townsville, Queensland, where a lot of the coral has remained intact despite bleaching.

Find out how to get PADI certified and try open water diving in this post!

4. Road trip down the Great Ocean Road

I was so happy to tick this one off my bucket list in 2018. Grab a car or a van and a few friends and ride from Melbourne through to Adelaide. Pass The Apostles and cruise The Ocean Road with the music loud and the breeze running through your hair.


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5. Sunrise hike up Mt. Warning

This is a stop off slightly less explored by backpackers, but a freaking amazing one. Even if you’re travelling on the Greyhound or some other hop-on-hop-off company, rent a car in Byron Bay and follow my epic road-trip itinerary. This hike requires an early start but the view is worth every sweat bead you release. It’s mind blowing.

East Coast Australia Bucket List

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6. Sydney

Do I need to give Sydney an introduction? Do I need to explain why this has to be on your bucket list? In fact, I’m pretty sure it already is. I’ve been 5 times now and simply cannot get enough of the outdoor lifestyle, beaches or energy that resides in the biggest city on the East Coast of Australia.

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7. Road trip to Hyams Beach

Take the Grand Pacific Drive down to some of the whitest sands in the world! See my road-trip from Sydney to Hyams beach here.

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8. Noosa National Park

Noosa is a popular place to start the legendary Fraser Island tours. If you do find yourself here, make sure you leave a couple of days to enjoy this little surf town. There are some gorgeous eateries on the beach front and also the incredible Noosa National Park.

If you head out on one of the many walks on offer through the park, be sure to look up and out for some snoozy koalas hanging in the trees. Keep an eye out for the fairy pools and if you visit in migration season, watch out for the whales in the deep blue!

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East Coast Australia Bucket List

9. Hot air ballooning and wine tasting, Gold Coast

Sunrise sessions and wine tasting before 9am makes for my kinda morning! Check out my experience here.

East Coast Australia Bucket List

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10. Sail through the Whitsundays

It’s heaven on earth, and one of the prettiest places on the East Coast of Australia. The pictures do all the talking for this one: see all my pictures of the Whitsundays and Whitehaven beach here (the few I’ve selected below barely scratch the surface). I’ve done the Whitsundays three times now, so to help you decide…

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11. Explore Blue Mountains National Park

With stunning views wherever you look., whether you go on an organised tour or by yourself, this isn’t one to miss – I’ve done it three times now!

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12. Skydive

One for the thrillseekers… imagine doing a skydive in such a beautiful place! There are so many places you could skydive on the east coast of Australia: Mission Beach, Airlie Beach, Great Ocean Road, Sydney, Cairns, Noosa, Byron Bay… to name a few!

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13. Hunter Valley

Cheese, chocolate, wine, wildlife… what more could a girl want?! See my trip here

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14. Manly

Another one near Sydney, but this beach side district is one of my faves. See my guide to Manly here

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Have you been to the East Coast of Australia?

What would you add to this East coast Australia bucket list? I’d love to know!

Love as always + happy adventuring,


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The ULTIMATE East Coast of Australia bucket list: Places you cannot miss

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The ultimate East Coast of Australia bucket list

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