A Guide To St.Kilda, Melbourne

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I simply want to live in Melbourne.

And i don’t say that about many places, trust me.

Sure I love a lot of places and I have incredible experiences left right and centre, but there’s not many destinations in which I sit and think, i could see myself here long term. But with Melbourne I did, St.Kilda more specifically.

St. Kilda is a small seafront town located in Melbourne, just outside the city centre. When I told people I was going to use St.Kilda as my base to explore Melbourne from, people suggested otherwise {Fitzroy etc in the city centre}. I was told St.Kilda was quite far out and that it would require a lot of effort to get into the city itself.

A 25 minute tram that runs so frequently you don’t even need to look up the tram times, after the expectation of some kind of 2 hour, 3 change schedule, felt like a breeze.

Top Tip: Download City Planner onto your phone for finding the most efficient way to get somewhere in Melbourne, or in any city you travel to, via public transport. I LOVE IT.

If, like me, you love the city but after a while it gets a bit too hectic and starts to suffocate you…

And if, like me, you absolutely love the beach, but after a while of lying around you need some stimulation and drive to keep you content…

Then you’ll love St. Kilda, it’s the best of both worlds and seem to have nailed the balance.

Getting To St.Kilda From Melbourne Airport…

Getting from the airport to St.Kilda is super simple. If you’re on a budget, are travelling solo or just like to save wherever possible {like i do}, then getting the Skybus is your best bet. It cost $18 {each way} and takes about half an hour – book here or pay on the bus. Otherwise there are loads of taxis outside the airport for you to alternatively jump in.

A Bit About St. Kilda…

St. Kilda’s main stretch is right where the tram pulls in, hosting 2 parallel lines either side of coffee shops, trendy boutiques, highstreet stores, supermarkets and restaurants. People seem to always be occupying the outdoor cafe seats, drenched in sunshine whilst catching up over a frothy coffee. And if they aren’t, you can guarantee they’ll be in their sweats running the length of the promenade or cooling off in the ocean.

The beaches may be man made here in St.Kilda but they are footsteps from the highstreet, and showcase some of the best sunsets i’ve ever seen. To top it off, as you lay on the beaches, the view is framed by Melbournes skyline. It’s stunning.

Head away from the city and down the coastal path with your bike, your trainers or your skates and you’ll find miles upon miles of beaches, clear waters, picnic spots and gorgeous lookouts to enjoy. Then there’s discovering St.Kilda’s very own Botanical Gardens, enjoying Luna Park come alive by night, listening to the buskers, the Thursday night food and music market and the crazy delicious Matcha Restaurant St.Kilda hosts {personal favourite}.

Yep, a healthy Matcha infused menu of ABSOLUTE DIVING EATING.

This restaurant is enough reason alone to move to St.Kilda. And there’s plenty more goodness where that comes from, Melbourne is filled with healthy eating cafes and eateries. YAY.

So anyway, down to business.

You’re heading here and you want to know where to go and what not to miss, right?

I got you…

Here’s My Top Things To Do In St.Kilda…

1. Watch The Penguins On the Harbour At Sunset

Walk right as you leave St.Kilda and follow the crowd right up to the end of the pier to where there is a penguin sanctuary. It’s pretty much a given you will see these little monkey about, usually just as the sun sets.

2. Rent a bike and cycle the coastal path

One of my favourite days in Australia and something I actually enjoyed doing solo for a bit of head space and peace. I rented my bike from St.Kilda cycles and just followed the ocean path. My bike route is coming soon in a blog post!

3. Go For Drinks / Dinner At Republica On The Beachfront

Often hosting live music and situated right on the sea front, Republica is the coolest place to hang out for dinner or for cocktails… any day of the week.

4. Matcha Mylkbar

HEAVEN. Highly recommend the Two poached vegan egg, saffron hollaindaise, corn fritters, fried cauliflower + crispy kale’ from their #NOFILTER menu, oh and the matcha pancakes too!

See more on my ‘Favourite Health Cafes In Australia’ Blog Post here

A Guide To St.Kilda, Melbourne, Australia | Where's Mollie? A Travel and Adventure Lifestyle Blog-3

5. Luna Park By Night

You can’t miss it, the big white complex right by the beach front with a sky high rollercoaster lining the circumference. The rides aren’t THAT thrilling, but you gotta get a selfie out the front {you tourist you} and well, if you’re down for a laugh… A few glasses of wine and an upside downer is always fun. {I never said that}.

A Guide To St.Kilda, Melbourne, Australia | Where's Mollie? A Travel and Adventure Lifestyle Blog

6. Go Out In Fitzroy

Near where Nomads hostel is, in the likes of The George, is where you’ll find most youngun’s at the weekend.

7. Watch The Incredible Sunset Over The City

8. Kick Back And Relax On The Beach

9. Join The Workout Squad Along The Beach Front

Okay, there’s no legit squad {that i know of} but everyone works out along the front. Be it running, skating, cycling, walking the dog or leading your own little HIIT sequence, you won’t feel out of place.

10. Hit up the Sunday Market

11. Grab Your Friends, Get Some Street Food And Head To The Thursday Night Market

12. Wander Through And Spend The Evening In The Botanical Gardens

13. Hop On The Tram Into Melbourne City Centre

St.Kilda is amazing, but head into the city and the options are extended beyond your wildest dreams. Go explore the likes of the Night Market, the art lanes, the coffee shops and the Eureka Sky Tower.

{my guide to Melbourne is coming soon}

My Top Tips for Visiting St.Kilda…

  • Download the City Mapper app to your phone to help guide you around the public transport
  • You will need a Myki card to travel on the tram {Melbournes main transport system} and you can use it like an Oyster, so you will need to buy one and top up as necessary.
  • The corner shops do $1 coffees that are actually pretty good
  • If you’re looking for a great hostel, I stayed in Base and absolutely loved it. Super central, clean, buzzing with atmosphere and right outside you can catch the airport shuttle – book the hostel here {cheaper to book directly on that link}
  • Getting from the airport to St.Kilda is super simple. $18 {each way} Skybus which takes about half an hour – book here

Extend your adventure from Melbourne with…

  • A day trip to Phillip Island
  • A Great Ocean Road Roadtrip {even if i don’t move to Melbourne, i’ll be back for this}
  • A weekend in the Yarra Valley Wine Region
  • A roadtrip to Adelaide
  • A roadtrip to Jervis Bay – See my Jervis Bay road trip here
  • A roadtrip to Sydney

A Guide To St.Kilda, Melbourne, Australia | Where's Mollie? A Travel and Adventure Lifestyle Blog-3

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Have you been to St.Kilda?

What did you think? Do you have any tips? I’d love to know! ?

Thank YOU guys for reading <3

Love as always + happy adventuring,

Mollie x

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A Guide To St.Kilda, Melbourne, Australia | Where's Mollie? A Travel and Adventure Lifestyle Blog

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