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9 Ways To Become A Spontaneous Traveller

To me, travelling spontaneously is travelling without expectation. Without expectation or knowledge of the destination, journey or activities ahead of you. This ultimately leads to surprise… one of lifes greatest pleasures.

Spontaneous travel is the kind of travel that gives me my biggest fill of adventure.

As talked about in the {very popular} post i wrote last week ‘How to live life more fully in 2017’, adventure brings me ultimate fulfillment. Hence why travelling spontaneously is my favourite and preferred way to travel.

How To Be A Spontaneous Traveller | Where's Mollie? A Travel and Adventure Lifestyle Blog

There’s something ridiculously thrilling for me about just turning up to a destination and simply winging it. Nothing feels more freeing than having the time in my calendar to enjoy a place for as long as it entertains me, and then having the freedom to ‘ip dip do’ where I want to take the adventure next.

In fact, i’m currently doing it in Indonesia and it feels like heaven.

Travelling spontaneously however, can be a bit foolish if you take it literally. I.e. Driving around in circles lost, refusing to look at a map and wasting your day not really seeing anything.

And in reality, travelling spontaneously isn’t always feasible. Que time constraints, travel anxiety and a natural desire to plan.

Travelling spontaneously isn’t for everyone.

Somewhere inbetween total spontaneous travel and planned travel, is productive and adventure travel – my favourite kind.

Here are my 10 tips to travelling spontaneously, in an efficient way…

1. STA Flexi Flights

Leaving some things until last minute won’t work in the favour of you or your wallet. Flights can be one of those things. However… with STA Travel you can book your flights and have the luxury of flexible dates {with the purchase of a MultiFlex Pass}. That way, if your plans change or you love / hate somewhere more than you thought you would, you can totally minimise the date change fees and stay as long as you desire with the flexi pass.

Read more about the MulitFLEX pass and book yours here

2. Create a rough guide of the things you like to do + see on your adventure but not a definitive list

I always plot down the main spots i’d like to see or visit on my travels on a map {physical one or Google maps}. That way i can see their whereabouts in relation to each other. This means I can plan an efficient route {rough idea} and not waste time covering the same ground.

3. Realise that when things go wrong it’s a key part of the adventure and memories

Unless it threatens your health or safety… why not try it?

Spontaneous moves do increase the chance of things not always going smoothly though, so make sure you have some money saved to back you up. There’s nothing you cant handle with money to fall back on.

4. Save Money For Travel Always

If you want to wake up one day and ‘just book a flight’ or take friends up on a last minute spot to Rome, you’ll need some money ready. Create a savings pot for spontaneous travel and have it ready for adventure.

Money isn’t everything, but you’re going to need at least a bit.

See me ’10 Top Tips for Saving Money For Travel’ here

5. Have a little bit of extra $ to fall back on

Travelling spontaneously can lead to cheaper travel {e.g. last minute hotel bookings / finding better deals upon arrival} but it can also, at times, lead to higher costs. Just for piece of mind, I always make sure I have some money in my account to back me up. Or…

6. Have a working holiday Visa active…

If you don’t have much money to fall back on, or perhaps you’re not too great with money, having a visa that allows you to work in said country, will allow you to pick up money and work on the go.

7. Be Friendly

You honestly never know where one conversation can lead to. Be it a job / a new friendship / an opportunity / an invitation / a home to sleep in.  Open yourself up to the possibility.

I recently made friends with the girl on the Yoga mat next to me. She is a diving instructor and I was looking to get my PADI certificate, so a simple friendly intereaction opened up the potential of being taught to dive at a reduced fee.

This can lead to spontaneous moves and decisions within your travel plans.

8. Get A Local Sim

I am currently travelling solo and spontaneously in Indonesia and having my phone 3G ready is the most helpful thing ever. Data roaming will rack up a HUGE BILL and is the fastest way to waste your money. So grab a local sim to access 3G at a fraction of the cost. Apps like AirBnb allow me to get last minute accomodation at the touch of a finger, and apps like Uber and CityMapper allow me to seek transport in the most efficient and cost effective way.

3G is great for researching when you’re in transit and you can’t access WIFI {or good WIFI anyway}.

TipYou can use my code for £25 off your first AirBNB booking here.

You can also use code ‘1l08a’ for £15 off your first Uber ride

9. Just Pay The Deposits or Less

As set in stone as you think your rough plan is, being a spontaneous traveller can mean plans change and reservations require adjustments {if you’ve made them}. I hardly ever pay in full for anything because I like to leave even the tiniest possibility for spontaneity. I obviously don’t want my bank account to suffer as a result, so just paying a deposit or seeking somewhere that requires no deposit is a great precaution to take.

10. Make Sure You Check Legalities

Travelling spontaneously is all fun, games and adventure until you want to book a random flight to a country for which you haven’t got a visa. There’s no sweet talking your way around this one.

Visas, vaccinations and laws are something you can’t always be spontaneous with and have to do a little bit of planning for. But it obviously depends on the level of spontaneity you are looking to achieve. These kind of decisions will take you up there with the big dogs! You spontaneous traveller you 😉

Are you a spontaneous traveller?

Do you have any tips you could share? ?

Thank YOU guys for reading <3

Love as always + happy adventuring,

Mollie x

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