Where to catch the most perfect sunset in Formentor, Mallorca

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I have had so many people ask where to find the little spot on which we watched the sun set in Mallorca, and it’s really no big secret!
{I guess not everyone clambers down the side of the mountain with ciders and a picnic blanket to this little ledge though, hence why my Instagram photo was a little unique. Find me on Instagram – molliebylett}
The evening on which we headed to Formentor to catch this very sunset was probably my favourite evening of our stay in Mallorca and by far our cheapest.
The weather in the day prior to catching this particular sunset was clear and sunny. The weather is definitely something to consider when picking your sunset day.
If this sunset is on your bucket list and you get a clear day, rearrange your plans for the evening and take advantage of what will probably be a perfect sunset opportunity
The last two evenings we had on the island were very overcast, blocking the sunset. Had we not ceased the clear day we would have totally missed this experience. Phew!
Anyway, to get there…
We drove from our villa in Mal Pas, through Puerto Pollenca where we stopped at the Spar and picked up some of our favourite ciders and nibbles. Then as we drove through and out of Puerto Pollenca (keeping the ocean on your right) we simply followed the signs to Formentor.
We continued following these signs for 10 minutes before ascending up some gorgeous mountainous roads.
Formentor is a popular place to go so you cant really get lost with the amount of signs displayed. Like I said, this is no secret spot, it’s a ‘must’ on the island.
Once you get to the top, the destination the signs bring you to, there there is a gorgeous viewing platform. Should you wish to ascend further and find our spot, you need to turn right (not straight on) at this point where the roads become a little steeper.
The roads aren’t the safest, as in, theres no barriers to stop you driving off of the side of the mountain, but they aren’t hard roads to drive. Just something to note if you arent a confident driver or good with heights.
Anyway, you’ll start to notice cars parked up after a few minutes,  so when you do, find somewhere (sensible) to park up and walk the remainder of the way to the Lighthouse (you really can’t miss it).
Voila! You made it!
Unload your picnic blanket, your ciders, your nibbles and your camera & prepare to create a beautiful memory…

Have you been to Mallorca?
Happy adventuring 🙂
Mollie xxxx
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