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Remember on Dragon’s Den when Trunki left empty handed? 
And now, after launching in 2006 and selling over 2.8 million cases in over 99 countries, every other kiddy winkle at the airport is seen riding around on their cats, cows and ladybugs?
Well the next best thing has been created by Rob Law and his company, to cater for the next generation…
Us weekenders.
Us jetsetters.
Us ‘wanderlusters’ packing our summer essentials for the next adventure.

Introducing… Jurni

Can I just say before I begin… 
I’ve never had anyone compliment my suitcase before… ever. 
A suitcase is a suitcase right?!

But last week, I took my black and blue infused Jurni on its first adventure to Mallorca, and I swear down, I had about 4 compliments on my case before i even got on the plane.
‘its so smart’ 
‘its looks like a lego suitcase’ 
‘where did you get it?’ 
‘i love your case!’
I also got many an envious eye in the ‘longer than life’ passport control queue, as i glided along sat on my portable seat.
More on that in a moment…

What’s so great about this case?
What’s different about it?
Well, my favourite feature has the instant access pod on top of the case. 

It gives you a space to place important documents and access them without emptying and opening up your whole case. 
Particularly, if you’re flying with a budget airline that take the 1 piece of hand luggage rule seriously, this feature is very convenient.

The pod itself also ejects off of the top completely, for mobile use around the pool / around your room (where ever you fancy taking it). 

Personally, this wasnt a feature I utilised much, as I have so many dedicated gadget boxes and gadgets in general, meaning this pod isn’t big enough for everything.

This feature is great though, should you be a little on the clumsy side, as you can keep your phone/speaker by the pool with you (without spilling your cocktail or ringing out your hair on it).
The Jurni suitcase itself has IATA Hand luggage approval (40x35x20) and is pretty sturdy, with the ability to withstand up to 100kg (15 3/4 stone). In fact, they are so confident in its durability that they offer a 2 year free warranty with every case.
The sit on, glide on feature provides the comfort of your own seat, wherever you are and whatever queue you find yourself held up in. 
It came to PERFECT use upon my return journey back to London. 
First, at the gate, when the flight was delayed and all the waiting seats were full. 
And second at Passport Control when we met queues bigger than any i’ve ever seen. It’s safe to say i think everyone in the queue wished they had a Jurni to perch on and rest their legs. A smug moment to say the least.
Another handy ‘easy retrieval’ feature is the elastic straps on the inside of the case door – perfect for an inflight magazine, book or for storing documents.
Upon arrival in your destination, your Jurni can be switched into flexible storage mode to organise your items.
This was super handy to store my technology as I have so much of it and it usually ends up in a big mess that i have to rumage through before I find anything.
This saved both time and stress when heading out on an adventure!
There are, however, a couple of things / potential improvements that came to my attention whilst trialling the case. 
One being, there is not much room to over fill the case (which actually is my own inability to pack light so not a big deal, but worth mentioning). The design and hard casing just doesn’t give the flexibility to overpack at all and the way in which the suitcase secures itself means that if you do, the case bulges.

This really defines Jurni’s niche purpose – packing just the essentials.

Another thing I picked up on was, when extending the luggage handle, it doesn’t actually lock into place at the top. Something I feel could be a simple and beneficial adjustment. 
A similar comment applies to the absence of a handle on top of the case for speedy pick up when approaching stairs. It doesn’t ruin the bag, but is one of two little adjustments I would make that would make all the difference. 
Saying that, there is a comfy handle on the side of the case which is great. It’s just in a different position than, i guess, we are used to on other cases.
All in all, I loved the case.
I will definitely be assigning the use of my Jurni case to a specific type of trip… 
for a summer weekend away whereby you don’t need to pack much at all (just a few tops, shorts and flipflops) 
for overnight stays at hotels. 
This is simply because, with all my technology requirements for blogging (which I usually take on board the flight to work with) I need a little more space, where as for an average weekender, this bag would probably be sufficient.
What do you think of the case!?
RRP £80
Colours available: Cobalt Blue, Lava Red, Fusion Pink
Manufacturing of the brand new Jurni cases starts in May 2016.
Be the first people to get your hands on one of these cases by entering my giveaway below…

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What luggage do you guys use?!

Happy adventuring 🙂

Mollie xxxx

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