A Peruvian breakfast at Andina, Shoreditch

 In England, London, United Kingdom
Born in memory of owner, Martin’s, grandmother Mamita Naty, ‘Andina’ translates to ‘a strong women from the Peruvian Andes’.

It is Mamita Naty that has influenced both the menu and the vibe here in Andina, with some describing it as ‘quiet and comfortable in the day and buzzing at night’.
We actually stayed the night nearby in Shoreditch, in an Airbnb and happened to walk past Andina around 8pm. The lights were dimmed and the tables were full – a complete contrast to the morning scene we arrived at.
The restaurant space itself is very casual, flooded with natural daylight and complimented by a variety of quirky design elements – like the lights you can see below.

The menu is filled to the brim with native superfoods from Mamita Natys home village in the Andes. You’ll find the likes of quinoa, amaranth, purple maize, maca and chia in amongst the dishes.
It’s instantly recognisable that the menu is inspired from a different corner of the world. Perhaps mostly in the quirky combinations and frequent appearance of components like Huancaina Sauce and Tigers Milk.
The dish names may throw you initially and the flavours may surprise you, but that’s exactly whats so interesting and addictive about travelling right?
The broadening of your sensory experiences and the adrenalin of experiencing life through someone else’s eyes.
 Here at Andina you don’t even have to get on a plane to experience a slice of Peru.
Here’s what we ordered from the Breakfast and Brunch menu:
– The Nina Puke Smoothie £5
(mango, cherries, banana, chia seeds + orange)
UNREAL. Ridiculously refreshing + perfect consistently. Highly recommend.


– Huevos Q’apachana (v) £9
(Two poached eggs, spicy tomato puree, spinach, chestnut mushrooms, Huancaina sauce)
The only thing I would say was the syrup was slightly too overpowering but I just sifted it off to the side of the pudding and continued on to finish the rest!


The dishes were eloquently presented and of portion sizes that left us feeling satisfied, light and perfectly fuelled for the day ahead.
There’s nothing like feeling totally indulged but without the (calorie) guilt, and here at Andina they provide the means for exactly that.
An extremely pleasant experience and one I will most certainly be back for…


Thank you for reading!
Have you been to Andina / Peru?!
Can you recommend anywhere else to eat in Shoreditch?
Leave me a comment – i’d love to hear!
Happy Adventuring!
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