35 bucket list adventures to go on with your best friend

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The one person you can always rely on is your best friend. Jobs, colleagues, flings, hard times… they all come and go. But your best friend(s) will stick with you through it all. You may have one best friend, you may have five, or even more. When you’ve got them, cherish them, appreciate them, and hang onto them really tight! Life is short. Your best friend is also the perfect adventure buddy. They know you inside out, perhaps even better than you know yourself, and so creating a best friend bucket list, and taking on something or somewhere new together is exciting! Also, what better way to create amazing memories together that you can reminisce on from now until forever!?

Here is the ultimate best friend bucket list…

1. Have a fun day out in London.

London is the perfect playground for two best friends! From the theatre to sightseeing to partying the night away, there’s so much to do here! It’s also somewhere that has endless options for adventure, so even if you’re local to the area, find something you and your bestie haven’t done before!

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2. Hike somewhere new in your local area.

If you haven’t hiked before, but want to give it a try, check out…

3. See your favourite band together.

Whether it’s a mutual favourite, or your personal favourite that you want to introduce to your friend, you’re bound to have a good time!

4. Book a spa day together.

Check out my girly spa weekend here.

A spa break at Champney’s Eastwell Manor, England

5. Go on a backpacking adventure together.

Put the bare minimum in a backpack, and explore somewhere new and exotic for weeks, months or even longer! With your best friend by your side, you’re less likely to get homesick, and have someone to share all the memories with!

6. Go camping or glamping together.

Get your tent, fairy lights, and light a bonfire to toast marshmallows on!.

Check out my camping packing list here.

7. Write each other letters to open in 10 years time.

8. Start a new hobby.

It could be anything from a new sport to a new art class… anything that takes your fancy! Doing it together doubles the fun and makes sure you hold each other accountable to really stick it out!

9. Learn a language together.

Perfect for when you next go abroad together!

10. Soak up the sun in a local park with a picnic.

11. Volunteer together.

Whether that be volunteering abroad, or helping out in a charity shop or at a soup kitchen, spending time together and giving back to the community simultaneously is really worthwhile.

12. Read the same book at the same time, and talk about it over a cuppa.

13. Race each other through Tokyo dressed as Mario Kart characters.

Check out my complete guide to Tokyo here!

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14. Party the night away in Vegas together.

Check out my Las Vegas bucket list here.

15. Do a bungee jump or skydive together.

Nothing like taking the plunge together! It’s less frightening knowing you’ve got your bestie with you. Once you’ve done it once, you’ll crave the adrenaline rush time and time again!

16. Go to Burning Man or another epic festival abroad together.

I can’t wait to go back to Burning Man again… it’s honestly an unbelievable experience! Check out all my Burning Man guides and top tips here.

The ultimate packing and shopping list for Burning Man, Nevada

17. Go to New York on a shopping spree together.

18. Spend a day getting creative.

There’s nothing like a bit of arts & crafts to unwind and really switch off. Check out the DIY posts on my blog here.

19. Take a cooking lesson together.

You can even eat the results together afterwards!

20. Catch the Big 5 on safari together.

Check out my safari experiences here.

21. Share a husky sledge.

14 photos that will make you want to go to Finnish Lapland

22. Learn a new skill together.

Skiing, surfing… or something more or less adventurous! We are never too old to be learning something new, and learning with your bestie means you have someone to help you along the way!

23. Experience a wellness retreat together.

24. Go to a dance class together.

Let all your inhibitions go and shake it out!

25. Sleep under the stars together.

Whether you’re camping (in a tent or campervan) or whether you’ve hired out a fancy glass igloo, sleeping under the stars is a magical way to spend a night with your best friend!

26. Try a new Pinterest recipe.

Good food connects good people… so cook and eat together!

Check out the recipes on my blog here.

27. Take an epic underwater picture.

It might take a little while to get that shot, but the fun you’ll have creating it will be remembered forever!

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28. Road trip!

My favourite kinds of trip! Pack a bag, chuck it in the boot, and hit the road! Whoever isn’t driving is in charge of the playlist!

29. Watch the sunrise together.

Worth the early start, trust me. Even better if your bestie is an early riser so they can make sure you don’t miss it!

30. Sign up to a fitness challenge together.

Whether it’s a 30 day challenge or a longer-term goal such as a race, you can help each other stay on track and motivated.

31. Show each other how much you care about one another!

For ideas about showing your nearest and dearest that you love them (everyone needs to hear it once in a while!) read this post.

32. Book a spontaneous city break together.

Ideally, visit somewhere neither of you have been! Alternatively, you could both plan a weekend for each other in your favourite city, to show it off in its best light!

33. £5 gift challenge.

Whether it’s a Christmas or birthday gift, or a souvenir from your trip, set yourselves the challenge of spending very little on a gift… you have to put even more thought into it, making it even more special!

34. Throw a dart at a map, and go there together!

Spontaneity is key to any relationship. Set a weekend aside, get a map up, and start planning your next adventure! There’s adventure to be found even the most random of places… let me know where you end up going!

35. Snap and scrapbook all your shared memories.

That way you can treasure the bucket list memories forever! You could even gift the scrapbook to your best friend. Check out my scrapbook guide here.

What’s on your best friend bucket list?

How many of my suggestions have you ticked off already?

When you’re 80 and reminiscing on the incredible years you’ve experienced by each other’s side, which adventures will you be able to tick off this best friend bucket list?

I’d love to know!

Love as always and happy adventuring,


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The ultimate best friend bucket list
The ultimate best friend bucket list
35 adventures to go on with your best friend
The ultimate best friend bucket list
The ultimate best friend bucket list

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