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I get a lot of emails from you guys asking me for advice on how I prepare for my travels and trips away. 
How is it that I work out the best places to go, and how I know I’m not missing anything important on that once in a lifetime trip.
Most of it comes down to preparation and the rest of it I just work out when I get there…
The more research you do, the more you recognise patterns in the advice your being given and the easier you can accumulate the popular choices.
You guys also ask how my next destination is inspired and where it is inspired from.
Even though I’m lucky enough now to be invited on press trips, I still would never give up the beauty of planning and embarking on my own adventures.
Last week I booked my flights to Bali, Vietnam and Cambodia where I am going to backpack with one of my best friends at the end of March… and i haven’t stopped planning since!
So, be it a backpacking adventure, a weekend away or a summer holiday, here is ‘My Guide from Destination to Itinerary & How I get my inspiration’
Starting from scratch…
If you have no idea where it is you want to go, well, what a wonderful place to be.
It’s most certainly nothing short of mind boggling when your bucket list is a million miles long (like mine) and you have no idea where to even get started on it.
Honestly, once you start reading about travel, watch travel programmes on tv, actually travel and start talking to other travellers – you will be spoilt for ideas.
The more you are exposed to the incredible places that exist on this earth, the more they will begin to pile up on your list.
1. Building your Bucket List…
– Sign up to Pinterest, start pinning (& obviously follow my travel account hehe)
– Subscribe to a Travel magazine
(I subscribe to Lonely Planet, Wanderlust and Nat Geo)
– Follow Travel Bloggers on Instagram
(Some of my favourites – @dametraveller @theblondeabroad @worldwanderlust @helloemelie & ME @molliebylett IF YOU AREN’T ALREADY!)
– Buy a travel notepad
– Stick a map on your wall
– Read amazing travel inspiration books
Once you’ve chosen a place / country…
– Purchase the relevant Lonely Plant Guide 
– Read online blogs and make notes of anything that tickles you in your travel notepad
– Search and explore pins (on Pinterest) about relevant destination
– Watch YouTube Video guides and footage
– Ask for recommendations on social media
(Travellers LOVE sharing their experiences / tips)
Decide how long your trip will be…
– your holiday allowance
– any other trips you want to take this year
– the flight time to get there
– jet lag
– how much you’d be happy with seeing
Now, depending on what type of person you are will depend whether you stop at this stage or not.
Some people don’t care where they are or what they are doing there so long as they e.g. aren’t working / are in the sun.
If, like me, you are an active traveller then sometimes further research, enquiries and activity bookings will need to be made before you depart.
SO, if that’s YOU, my next stage would be to…
accumulate onto a fresh list, all of the things you would like to do, see & eat when you are there.
re-write your list in order of importance
and, in your Travel notepad, write down the days of your trip along with an 
allocation of activities to complete each day
By this point it’s beginning to sound more like an operation than a holiday, right?
Welcome to Travel Blogging! 😉
Then there’s only one thing left to do!
Count down the days until your departure &
head out on your adventure!
Note: This is generally the process I go through when I’m heading somewhere new and I’m going to blog about it. 
I like to be thorough and I don’t like to run out of time and miss things – so yes, that usually makes the trip fast paced and not so relaxing.
Obviously you don’t need to take the planning this far. 
I’m simply showing my honest process and how I initiate content for my blog.
Leave me a comment and let me know!
Thank you for reading!

Happy adventuring 🙂
Mollie xxxx

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