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8 things to add to your Paris Bucket List

Updated On 3rd January, 2020

Back in November I headed out to Paris to film some content with STA travel and AirBnb which unfortunately, due to the horrendous attacks that took place 3 days after we were there, has been postponed from going live until further notice.
My trip however was amazing, so let’s focus on that AND how gorgeous a destination Paris is to visit.
The trip was a combination of seeing both the iconic landmarks that we all love and associate Paris with, but also heading off track and finding some hidden gems (my favourite thing to do).

So here are 8 unique parts of my trip that I would recommend you adding to your list:

1. Explore Paris by Bike 

My absolute favourite way to explore a new city is by bike. Why? Because you can cover ground a lot quicker than you can by walking, but you have the freedom and flexibility to stop and admire wherever you fancy, something restricted on a bus / train.
PLUS it’s exercise and it’s usually a cheap option!
We booked onto a tour with a Parisian guy called Anton, with whom we explored the Northern superb of Paris. Anton is honestly BRILLIANT.
So enthusiastic, knowledgeable and will tailor the experience to you and your friends desires.
He offers cycle tours, night tours, picnic tours and plenty more. I highly recommend you book with Anto if you like active travel and… because he is AWESOME.
2. Hidden shot of the Eiffel Tower

A trip to Paris wouldn’t be complete without at least 1 photo of the Eiffel Tower now would it?
Problem is, I’m certainly not one to follow the crowd, so of course I sought out a different angle to take my photo from.

Now, I can’t for the life of me find the note i made of this street name, but i’ve been searching on Google Maps and i’ve rounded it down to 2 streets that are next to each other – Rue le Tasse & Avenue de Camoëns. Both are a short walk from Trocadero tube station and one will give you this view! 
(Sorry! haha it’s been driving me crazy all day – i’ll find it!)
3. Have a Crepe and wander through the cobbled streets of Montmartre 

Step off the main streets of Paris and into this little wonderland of its own. With lots of outdoor seating, creperies and street entertainers it’s a lovely contained spot to go for dinner or for a crepe and a wee wonder in the evening.

Combine it with the Sacré Coeur and a view of the Eiffel Tower and you have yourself a date. 

4. Watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle

Every night, the iconic landmark that is the Eiffel Tower lights up for millions to admire. But did you know, every hour the Eiffel Tower puts on a glitzy performance and sparkles from head to toe?!

Well now you do!
It begins in the first hour after dark and lasts (i think) around 10 minutes each time.

5. Le Perchoir Rooftop Terrace

Hidden in the city with views over the Sacré Cœur, this snug little rooftop gem is the perfect place to chill out with friends for drinks and food.
From cocktails to fresh wood oven pizzas, choose from the selection of benches and bohemian cushioned sofas to rest your bum and relax amongst the locals. 

With live music, a range of cocktails and views over the city without the crowds – it’s a no brainer.

See full website here

6. Pavillon Des Canaux cafe on Canal de l’Ourcq 

You know when you walk into somewhere and you get that happy ‘I JUST LOVE THIS PLACE’ buzz?

Nope, just me?
Well anyway, from the moment i set eyes on this cafe’s gorgeous exterior – i got it. I fell in LOVE.

Pavillon Des Canaux is sat right on Canal de l’Ourcq with the framing of an ordinary house. Each room remains in function, decorated exquisitely with the addition of friends, workers and staff attending to their laptops or refreshments.

My favourite room was the bathroom where you sit among cushions in the bath and enjoy your hot chocolate – just like i.

A real quirky addition to your trip & perfect to snuggle away in on a rainy day.

See the full website here

7. Traditional French cooking lesson with Parisian Chef Liz

If food is your thing (like me) then tasting the delicacies of the country in question will be high on your to-do list. And if you want to take it one step further then you may attend a cooking lesson to learn how to create these yourself.

That’s exactly what we did with Liz, a Parisian Chef living near Montmartre. Here I prepped, cooked and tried Frogs legs for the first time ever amongst other incredibly yummy dishes.
 The class is in Liz’s home and one you can enjoy privately or with a group of other travellers. 
Once you have prepped and cooked the dinner you’ll sit down with a glass of wine and devour all that you’ve created.

A beautiful experience and a beautiful host.

Book / enquire here

8. Staying in a quirky Airbnb apartment

If you’ve followed me for anything less of a while you’ll know that I am a MASSIVE fan of AirBnb (particularly this apartment we had in Amsterdam). 

I just LOVE staying somewhere quirky, somewhere that feels undiscovered and somewhere homely. 

Add in the expertise of a local host, the reduced price in comparison to hotels and the reviews of other guests to depend upon and you have yourself AirBnb.

There really is something for everyone and it’s a great way to save costs and have a super unique experience of a city.

Search AirBnb accommodation here

Mollie xxxx

Have you been to Paris?
What were YOUR favourite spots?

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