My 10 FAVOURITE Travel Moments of 2015

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‘Life is about the places you’ve been,
the people you’ve known
and the memories you make along the way.’
I just LOVE memories.
Having beautiful memories to flash back to genuinely keeps me warm on a cold night. Memories make me smile, they make me so grateful to be alive & the presence of so many, makes me feel fulfilled.

Happy days.
I have SO so many incredible memories from 2015, more than I could have dreamed of creating
& i’m going to share the first 10 that came to my mind when I look back over 2015…

1. Spontaneous ticket to Harbour Life Festival 
After an incredible 10 days heading down the East coast of Australia with Contiki (read the full adventures here), I had time for a few more adventures before heading back to the UK.

It was a Friday night in Sydney and I suddenly realised a festival high on my bucket list was happening. 

The next day. In Sydney.
FOMO kicked in big time, and there was nothing going to stop me going… not even that it was sold out, or that i could be (was most likely) going alone.
I managed to hunt down a ticket with the help of a friend, and turned up to the festival on my own. HAHA LOSER.
A friend of a friend agreed to meet me at the gate (LEGEND) and I ended up having THE BEST DAY with (here’s your mention) Jesse & Sophie.

This festival takes place every year, so if you find yourself in Sydney when it’s on… GO. 
There’s really not much that beats dancing the day away to incredible live music as you watch the sun set over The Bridge and Opera House.

2. Becoming part of team GoPro and heading out on my first adventure with them to Austria

3. Singing my best friend down the aisle at her gorgeous wedding in Cyprus & getting to spend quality time with my Grandma

4. One of the best and craziest weeks of my entire life in Croatia with The Yacht Week

5. Elevating over mind-blowing glaciers and lakes in Banff National Park, Canada

6. Drinking cocktails as the sun set over Amsterdam

7. Heading out on my first ever Ski Trip!

8. Meeting THE ultimate squad in Australia and spending 10 days exploring the east coast together

9. Getting to take my mum with me for the first time on a work trip with me and exploring Paris together

10. Getting up at 5am in Greece & running to the top of the hill to watch the sun rise!

What are YOUR favourite travel moments of 2015?!
What memories stand our to you the most?!

Thank you for reading!

Happy adventuring 🙂
Mollie xxxx

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