10 reasons why being single in your 20’s is a wonderful thing (cheers to that)

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First things first, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being ‘taken’ in your twenties either.

I’m certainly not here to preach breaks ups and single life, i’m just saying, if you do find yourself single, don’t cry about it – EMBRACE IT.

A great relationship should never hinder you or your life,

only enhance it.

Being single is wonderful.
And I can tell you one thing for sure.
It’s a hell of a lot better than spending your youth
with the wrong person and having regrets later on.
Right now, I feel completely fulfilled with my life and it has nothing to do with a guy.
Possibly the most liberating feeling ever.

My happiness is in my hands.

10 Reasons why being single in your 20's is a wonderful thing

Here’s some reasons I think being single in your 20’s is a wonderful thing:

1. It’s time to figure out who you are

Knowing who you are and what you want will be the means around which you build yourself a happy life.

If you tie your existence to someone else and never give yourself the chance to discover who YOU really are, how will you know what’s going to make you happy long term?

2. Go Travelling!

(You saw it coming!)

Move to a different corner of the country if you fancy it, pack your bags and do a year abroad or simply go backpacking for a bit with your best mate.

Being single means… you can just go.

You’ll have no emotional pulls from a relationship swaying your decision and you won’t feel trapped by anything.

3. Concentrate on your career

Find something that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning. THIS IS YOUR PRIME TIME.

You’ll never have as much energy, drive and spare time as you do now. Forget date nights and chilling every weekend with your boyfriend.

Throw e v e r y t h i n g you have at life and


4. Become independant

Learn how to do things by yourself.

It’s great having help from others, but being confident in the knowledge that you could survive by yourself will be your strongest foundation.

It will ensure that you never stay with someone for the wrong reasons, because you know really, you could do it without them.

5. Embrace freedom & be reckless

Get it all out of your system. Do silly things. Stay up all night and go to that after party. Book that trip to Ibiza with your friends this summer. Kiss 3 different boys at the same party.

Do whatever you fancy…(within reason, come on now)

& don’t be sorry about any of it.

Mistakes are the best way to learn.

6. Step out of your comfort zone

Let’s face it, some people get a little too comfortable in relationships. So much so, the relationship becomes simply a habit and making any sort of changes becomes pretty daunting.

Being single means you have nothing to fear change of, and change actually becomes an exciting prospect. Taking a leap of faith could turn your life upside down and well… bring it on!

7. Be selfish with decisions

Being single mean you only have to worry about number 1.

If something makes you happy you do it & if it doesn’t you don’t have to.

And that’s absolutely O.K because you have noone in your ear making you feel guilty.

8. You have the rest of your life for all that

Enjoy being single, and enjoy your friends being single too! You have the rest of your life to do the whole settling down thing.

In your 20’s you will have the highest percentage of single friends before you get sacked off for engagement parties, family holidays and husbands! Make the most of it/them!

9. Learn to love yourself

Loving yourself is sometimes easier said than done, but its the best investment you will ever make.

If you don’t have a healthy relationship with yourself, i can tell you now, you won’t have a healthy relationship with anyone else.

10. You’ll be happier when you do settle

If a relationship didn’t bring you want you wanted, it’ll have showed you what you don’t want.

By dating the wrong ones, you’ll know when you’ve found the right one, and when you do you’ll appreciate them more.

You’ll have confidence in knowing the grass isn’t always greener and you’ll be less likely to be led astray.

When you settle, you’ll hope it’s for good, so make sure you’ve shopped around first and you won’t want a refund on your final purchase. 😉

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