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So I guess you COULD say, I’ve saved the best for last.
That’s if, like me, you love an adrenalin rush and live for moments that take your breath away… literally.
Something this day was by no means short of.
We began once more from Jasper, after another amazing nights sleep at The Crimson Hotel, and headed down Highway 93 (Icelands Parkway) to the Columbian Icefield where Jasper National Park meets with North of Banff National Park.
The columbian ice field region is home to 6 ice sheets, and we were here to explore the biggest one of them all – the Athabasca Glacier, one of North America’s biggest attractions.
First we headed nearby to the Glacier Skywalk, a walk suspended in the air from the cliff face, on which you can experience an intense walk over a 918ft drop where only a sheet of glass is saving you.
So there I was, cock sure, fearless and willing to walk first, I stepped out onto the Glacier Walk and instantly lost my footing nearly falling flat on my face (felt like nearly over the edge) due to some melted ice on the glass! I just about captured the moment on my GoPro (watch here)… hahahah that taught me!
(The staff work to keep the area dry but due to the snowfall I had just chosen an unfortunate moment!)
Be  c a r e f u l!
Despite scaring the life out of me, the snowfall was a blessing. The immaculate, glittering sheet of snow that has fallen through the night was making the landscape pretty surreal.
We arrived at the Columbian Icefields Centre where you can park your car, should you have one. 
(They also have an incredible hotel here, Glacier View Inn, with an INSANE wake up view over the glaciers!).
 From here we embarked on the Brewster Ice Explorer where we ventured by coach for 5 minutes until the roads became icey and mountainous. 
Here the monster snow vehicles, specially designed for extreme conditions, picked us up for the remaining 15 minute ride to the toe of the glacier. Along the way the driver shares a wealth of knowledge about the formation, facts and deterioration of Athabasca Glacier, before you hop off and soak in the atmosphere and view for yourself.
Fun fact: The Ice you walk on, on the Glacier, is as thick as the Eiffel tower is tall!

You are advised to not actually walk up onto the Glacier due to the risk of large ice pits being camouflaged by a thin layer of snow. 
As much as the adventurer in me likes to push boundaries, I figured my mum probably wanted me home alive.
For Lunch we continued south down Highway 93 before switching to Highway 11 (David Thompson Highway) where we entered Banff National Park and arrived at McKenzies’ Trail West.
Here we dined on the ranch in true cowboy fashion (they have stables here too for riding / horse hikes) before heading opposite to Icefield Heli Tours where we had our minds blown on a Helicopter tour over the most incredible coloured lakes, waterfalls and glaciers.
I have been lucky enough to experience a helicopter ride before, over Franz Joseph Glacier (New Zealand), but it was no less surreal than the first time.
I mean you cannot comprehend the feeling of rising and falling between fluffy layers of cloud as you fly over emerald green lakes and between mountains that could be from another planet. 
It’s exhilarating. 
For a minute you experience the freedom of a bird and, lost for words, you can’t help but fall deeper in love with the beauty gracing our earth.
It was a hard high to come down from, but like a bunch of kiddiewinkles on Christmas eve, we grinned the whole way back to Edmonton.
What an end to a truly inspiring and heart warming trip.
Once again I have been reminded of just how much there is out there to explore and how little i’ve seen in comparison. My travel bug is stronger than ever and I already can’t wait to experience more of this incredible country.
Canada, thank you endlessly for having me.
Banff National Park Bucket List:
– Peyto Lake Lookout
– Lake Louise
– Snowshoeing
– Dog Sledging
– Canyon Icewalks
– Lake Minnewanka
– Moraine Lake reflection
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My adventures in photos:

Backpack – Kanken | Fur Hood Coat – ASOS | Leggings – Lorna Jayne|
Timberlands – ASOS

Have you been to Canada?!
What did you get up to?!

Watch my Canadian Adventures come to life in video:

Thank you for reading, lots of love…
Mollie xxxx

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