10 gorgeous towns in Europe you MUST add to your bucket list!

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JUST incase my bucket list wasn’t already long enough, I have 10 additions (although I have recently been to number 5 it’s already on my revisit list!!!).

For those of you guys that live in Europe, these hotspots are right on our doorstep and are even weekend getaway possibilities.

Get your pen and paper out and add ’em to your list!

1.Cinque terre, Italy
Cinque terre is made up of 5 villages in Italy along the coastline connected by hiking trails. Romaggiore, Veranda, Corniglia, Monterosso & Manarola.

2. Burano, Italy
My friend recently visited Burano and bought it to my attention. A fairytale destination that looks every bit as colourful and gorgeous in real life! No photoshop!

3. Petite Venise, Colmar, France
Located in the Alsace region in North Eastern France, this picturesque village filled with half timbered houses dotted along the waterway will is instantly charming

4. Portfino, Italy
An Italian fishing village famous for its harbour and artistic visitors. Located in the province of Genoa on the Italian Riviera.

5. Fiscardo, Greece
A dreamy sailing harbour located at the very north of Kefalonia, one of the Ionian islands in Greece. Walk through an abundance of pastel houses filled with overgrowing flowers and dine on the waterfront as the sunsets over the calm ocean.

6. Bath, England
The sun may not always shine here in England but we have many spots that are stunning whatever the weather. Bath is one of them. Indulge in a spa package, dip in the roman baths or take one of the scenic walks around the town. I love Pulteney Bridge…

7. Hallstatt, Austria
A village in Upper Austria, in the Salzkammergut region. Just look at those mountains. Imagine waking up to them in the morning. DREAMY.

8. Sintra, Portugal
Located just to the west of Lisbon, and known from there as a popular day trip, this town has the most fascinating monuments and historical buildings to explore. Not to mention the view.

9. Misurina Lake, Italy
The picture speaks for itself. A very small town with limited accommodation & captivating views.

10. Goreme, Turkey
Located among the ‘fairy chimney’ rock formations this is a town in Cappadocia. That famous place where the hot air balloons rise with the sun.

Thank you for reading, lots of love…
Mollie xxxx

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