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After having explored Lefkada and fallen in love with Fiscardo, we had pretty high expectations of anything that was to come.
We decided (captain decided) to sail to and explore another Island nearby, Ithaka, in search of our next overnight spot. 
One of the things i love most about sailing holidays of this kind, is the freedom you have to explore and simply stop wherever… floats your boat.

Sailing is possibly one of the most relaxing activities i’ve come across, particularly when it’s just you and the big blue. 

My mind finally finds peace (no technology on deck) and I slowly drift into a state of bliss (sleep).

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As we begun approaching Ithaka we all sat up and helped pick the winning spot, dipping in and out of coves for inspection along the way…
The turquoise waters had all of us weak at the knees and we soon agreed on a quiet little cove with no signs of life (apart from another boat or two).
We were to stay here and fend for ourselves, cooking washing and entertaining ourselves from the boat and the water that surrounded us.
After another dreamy feta filled lunch, we jumped off the boat and swam to explore a little beach we could see lurking behind us..
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As if one adventure wasn’t enough, George, my best friends brother, challenged us all to climb the mountain before us in hope of a gorgeous view over the bay and the little islands that slept close by.
After our beautiful climb in Lefkada to watch the sunrise, we all agreed, took the tender over to the rocks and begun the ascent.

The lesson we learnt here was that some mountains are A LOT steeper than they look. We were definitely not following a track so we were hesitating and fearing for our balance with every step we took.
Half way into the climb we realised why this wasn’t an already trodden track, dangerous to say the least…

Spiders, cut legs, and throughly scratched calves later we had muscled on through and my god was the view worth it… 
The calmness and beautiful shades of ocean that stood before us reminded me immediately of The Whitsundays. We all stood breathless (from the view and the climb) and relieved, silently taking in every ounce of beauty we had just discovered.
Another moment that the world took my breath away.
We begun our descent before the sun went down and before we got stuck in the bushes, to find dinner was ready and waiting for us.
A pasta bake, a calm cradling from the ocean and another peaceful nights sleep…
The last island we visited on this Sailing adventure was Meganissi. We arrived late afternoon which may explain the lack of photos i took as we too, left early the next morning.
In the time we spent there we had our daily swim, nosey around the shops and of course another beautiful greek dinner on the waterfront.
Whilst you will have seen in my last post how beautiful the houses in Fiscardo were, Meganissi gave it a run for its money with an abundance of white buildings and a spectrum of coloured flowers making capturing beautiful snaps very easy…
Arli high waisted Flares – Motel Rocks
Another AMAZING ADVENTURE… How lucky I am to be able to explore this beautiful world we live in. I am thankful every day for the opportunities and adventures I get to go on.
Where your favourite place in Greece?!
Later this year I may be heading back out to Greece so I’m super excited to see even more of it! Recommendations?!
Thank you for reading, lots of love…
Mollie xxxx

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