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The launch of the GoPro Hero 4 Session in Tyrol, Austria with GoPro

Updated On 25th June, 2018

So this time last week I got home from one of the most amazing experiences I have had through blogging.
It came about after I received an email from the Social media manager at GoPro. They had come across my GoPro pictures on Instagram (molliebylett) and travel videos on Youtube ( and well… I think…they were a fan 🙂
It was one of those emails that I had to read a few times before believing it.
A mere couple of weeks later, my bag was packed and I was heading out on another adventure, this time to Austria (lucky lucky me).
It was all kept a surprise until last minute, all I knew was that I was to land at Innsbruck and there would be someone to pick me up…


I arrived alongside a couple of other travel bloggers, one from France and one from Barcelona, and we all shared the 40minutes ride from the airport to the hotel.
Once we arrived, we were given our badges, itinerary and room keys with the freedom of the afternoon to do whatever we wanted before reconvene in the hotel reception at 7pm for dinner.
When I say my room was stunning, I am completely serious.
We were staying at the Naturhotel Waldklause, a 5* spa resort in Langenfeld snuggled between the most beautiful of mountains.


Of course, with my free time, it goes without saying that i went to check out the spa…


After a dip in the water and a cheeky sunbathe looking out onto the mountains, I fell asleep for a brief afternoon nap before slipping my robe back on, sipping on a fresh mint tea and heading back to my room to freshen up…


At 7pm ish, we all headed downstairs for an introduction from the GoPro team, a glass of prosecco and an introduction to each other.
We had all travelled from different corners of the world, came from compeletely different backgrounds and creative careers, and well… that made for some very engaging conversation over a gorgeous dinner at the hotel and plenty of drinks as the night continued.
Well and truly mingled out, we headed up to bed around 1am (oops) to get some shut eye before the big day of adventures…
7am came way too quickly but as soon as I remembered where I was i was straight out of bed and downstairs to devour the most amazing spread of breakfast options and Austrian delicacies.
So far the hotel excelled in e v e r y aspect. If you impress me with the food, well you’ve done well.
8am arrived and we all hopped in the GoPro cars and headed to Area 47 where our adventures were to commence…

As you can see above, Area 47 is an outdoor adventure park with NUMEROUS adrenalin pumping activites to engage in – including blobbing…
(For more information see their full website here)
We arrived to a classroom type set up in Area 47 where we were presented with one hell of a gift.
THE BRAND NEW GOPRO HERO SESSION AND the GoPro LCD AND all the accessories we could dream of.
Completely overwhelmed by GoPro’s generosity, we all grinned like kids on Christmas morning whilst being briefed on why we were actually here.
GoPro were about to launch their BRAND NEW GoPro (12th July) & we were here to test it out and have some fun with it.
• The smallest of the GoPro family
• 50% smaller and 40% lighter than the Hero 4 black and silver
• It can shoot at speeds up to 1044p 30fps & 1080p 60fps
• It shoots 8MP photos with a burst rate of 10fps
• Waterproof up to 10 meters (WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL CASING)
• Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios
• Time Lapse Photo Intervals from 0.5 to 60 seconds
• Protune



After an incredible day white water rafting (for the first time!), buggy-cross’ing, and having access to all the slides, dives, blobbing and BBQ food we could wish for, 4pm came and it was time to head back to our beautiful hotel.
We had a brief half 45 minutes to shower and freshen up before the GoPro cars picked us back up and begun our steep ascent to Solden for our dinner destination – Gampe Thaya.
Just take a look at that view…

We enjoyed (a few) fresh cranberry infused glasses of prosecco alongside some canopes as we indulged in the view. If you’ve been here (reading my blog) for a while you will know i am a sucker for a good view.
Over a city, beach, mountains or sunset, views mesmerise me and make me all sentimental.
As I gazed out into the mountains and the depths below us, I had another moment to realise how very lucky I am to explore as much of the world as I do. Nothing beats it – really.
And just to top off that incredible feeling, we continued on into the CUTEST of Austrian restaurants where we enjoyed traditional Austrian cuisine and a few more glasses of bubbly.
The following day had us a mini lie in, another amazing breakfast at the hotel and a sad departure back to our home countries.
Even though the trip was short it was unbelievably sweet and i just feel honoured to be involved with such an inspiring company.
Thank you GoPro for an incredible trip, the addition of so many amazing memories and for the introduction to an amazing team & group of creatives. I met some beautiful people on this trip & I cannot wait until we all cross paths once again…
Thank you for reading, lots of love…
Mollie xxxx
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