Top 10 Tips on How To Save Money For Travel

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The most frequent question I get asked is ‘How do you afford to do so much travelling’…

‘I’m just good at saving’ is my answer.

If you want something enough – you make it happen.

I promise you, I don’t earn anything spectacular, my parents don’t fund my travelling, and my saving doesn’t make me a complete hermit.

So good news… YOU CAN SAVE TOO!

But HOW?

Here are my TOP 10 tips on saving money for travel…

1. Research, have a target and create a goal

If you don’t know what your aiming for and have no break down of what you need to save and when by, then… you’ve fallen at the first hurdle.
Create a rough estimate of how much your trip will cost you, how far away it is and create weekly / monthly saving goals to keep you on track.

2. Cut down on the entertainment

Be it the boozing, the holidays, the music gigs – you need to lay off the luxuries whilst you’re saving.
Even a £20 night out is worth saving. You could feed yourself like a king for 4 days in Bali with that money.

3. Put money away and then don’t touch it

If you work over-time this month, get a bonus or find yourself with a bit of money spare, create a separate bank account or money jar, put the money in and whatever you do, DON’T TAKE IT OUT.

4. Stop buying the ‘latest things’

Stop looking & stop tempting yourself.
I find I have everything I need until I walk into Topshop for ‘just a little look’ or browse online and find the latest handbag that i’m suddenly justifying as essential.

Don’t torture yourself, live basic and avoid the shops.
Forget the latest trends, cars, jewellery and bags.
It won’t hurt & you’ll watch your travel fund grow like there’s no tomorrow!

5. Sell stuff

Get around to clearing out your room and selling all those clothes, DVD’s and unwanted bits on eBay / depop OR do a carboot!
Put any money you make STRAIGHT in that savings account.

6. Change your eating habits

When your bank statement comes through, how much of it is filled with restaurant bills, Starbucks and post night out Mcdonald’s?
£3 a pop may not seem like much but it soon adds up.

Switch the meals out for a trip to the supermarket. Prepare your meals / lunches and take snacks with you. Cut down on the fast food and meals out and save money along with calories!

7. Become and freebie and bargain hunter

When you’re looking for bargains, bargains will begin to find you. I literally live for discounts.
Be it a 3 for 2 in the supermarket, meeting your friends an hour later if it means a super off peak train ticket, or asking a friend to use their student discount.

OH AND ALSO, take advantage of reward cards. I save a fair bit of money collecting e.g. Holland and Barrett points / Boots / Tesco Clubcard points.

8. Get rid of subscriptions and memberships

If you don’t use your gym membership or your Netflix subscription – get rid of it. If you don’t need those magazines delivered to your door – cancel them. Renegotiate your mobile phone bill – or if you’re due an upgrade, hunt down a cheaper rate.

9. Stay at home a little longer
(Sorry mum!)

It’s true. Renting or buying somewhere to live, means your disposable income gets smaller and saving gets harder. Staying at home is probably the cheapest rent you’ll find, so embrace it and make the most of the opportunity to save.
If you’ve already moved out, perhaps cut down on the bills, look for a cheaper place to rent or move back home for a period of time.

10. Sign up to Pinterest – get yourself excited with photos and focus on the end reward… THE ADVENTURE

Travelling is worth every single penny that you save for it. Sometimes missing a big night out or selling your old clothes can seem too much effort. But focus on WHY you’re doing it.


If you’ve never been travelling, it can be harder to motivate yourself. But now that i’ve got the travel bug, the saving gets easier because I know EXACTLY what I’m saving for, and DAMN you can’t beat it.

Get yourselves overseas for that adventure you’ve been dreaming about.
The time to save has never been more perfect!

Need destination inspiration?

Check out my ‘Top 10 adventures when you’re 20 something’ ♡

Thank YOU guys for reading <3

Love as always + happy adventuring,

Mollie x

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