10 Festivals that MUST be added to your Bucket List…

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There’s just something about festivals.

The music, the outfits, the dancing, the masses of people and the energy that comes with them. The ‘singing your favourite song’ as loud as you possibly can, and just generally leaving the world behind and escaping life for a few days.

Researching for this post has just meant another million additions to my bucket list. But i’ve rounded it down.

Here are my ’10 festivals that must be added to your bucket list’… LIKE NOW.

1. Burning man
Where? Black rock desert, Gerlach, Nevada, US.
When? End of August/ beg of September

2. Tomorrowland 
Where? Boom, Belgium
When? End of July

3. Glastonbury 
Where? Somerset, UK
When? End of June

4. Sziget 
Where? Budapest, Hungary
When? Mid August

5. Holi Festival 
Where? Phalgun Purnima
When? End of Feb / beg of March

6. Yi Peng Lantern Festival 
Where? Chiang Mai, Thailand
When? November

7. Rio Carnival 
Where? Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
When? Mid Feb just before lent.

8. Oktoberfest
Where? Munich, Germany
When? Mid Sept – Beg of October

9. Coachella 
Where? California, US
When? April

10. Songkran
Where? Thailand
When? April

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