Inamo, Soho (The Interactive Restaurant!)

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If you’ve been with me from the beginning you’ll know that Inamo was one of the first ever hotspots to feature on my blog. A unique, interactive (just you wait!) Japanese hotspot in the foodie heart of London, Soho.
(Oh and there’s one in St.James too.)
Two years later, I ventured back to see what’s changed and to try something new…

The menu remains an Asian fusion influenced by all Japanese, Thai and Chinese delicacies. They offer everything from Sushi and Sashimi to Squid + spring onion Dim Sum.
Admittedly, when browsing the menu, there were a few things alien to me that i’d have otherwise skipped had Inamo not already been one step ahead…
What am i going on about?
(Sorry bout the caps. It never fails to excite me.)
Above each table is a projector which fires down images on to your plate and across the table. As you can see below you have a little ‘touch mouse pad’ where you each control your own cursor to browse the menu and make your order.

So, as you hunt through the array of dishes on offer, visuals will project onto your plate, giving you a preview of the dish in question.
What you see is what you get!
I would say Inamos’ the kinda place where you order a few bits and share ’em.
But, obviously, you need to make sure your partner likes sharing…
Luckily mine agreed. 
(I can never decide on one dish and food envy is the worst.)

Once you’ve placed your order, the fun only continues…
Change the table background to suit your mood (clearly feeling British), play games against each other, watch the Chef Cam as the chef’s whip up your grub OR you could engage that old thing… human interaction.
Nah we’ll stick to the Sake Mojitos (UH-MAY-ZING) and games…
As always I get pretty excited when the food comes out…

Vegetable Uramaki (V) 

*Brand new to the menu* 
Beef Tataki – Beef lightly seared on the outside, left rare in the middle then thinly sliced and served with Ponzu sauce.
This was SO good, quickly becoming one of my favourite Japanese delicacies. Refreshingly light due to the delicate slices but heavy and moist in tangy flavours.
P.s. If red meats are your thaaaang, you’d be in heaven at Kintan.

Goes without saying we nibbled on some Edamame beans…

And the dish that was my favourite last time and still remains strongly on the menu – The Chicken Satay.

Luckily my partner in crime likes sharing but hates peanut butter (crazy fool). 

Mmmmm and another little bit of Mojito to clean the palette…

Squid and spring onion dim sum served with a tangy Thai mango and chilli relish…

And last but not least my favourite Chinese dish…

Duck pancakes with hoisin sauce and Inamos’ unique herb and salad mix…

After devouring all of the above, there was no doubt about it, I WAS full.

But my partner in crime took a fancy to the pudding menu… and well they bought two spoons out just incase.

DAMMIT. I couldn’t resist.

Coconut ice cream, a mini passionfruit flare and a chocolate trio of goodness…

Okay okay, i’ll admit, i’m glad they bought over the just in case spoon.

Just look at those beautiful layers of fluffy mousse.
This post has just made me seriously hungry to eat this ALL again.
Will you beat me to it?
Thank you for reading, lots of love…
Mollie xxxx

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