10 Adventures To Go On When You’re 20 Something…

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Whilst age should never limit you – sometimes life does.

But when you’re 20-something, you are young enough, silly enough and single enough to go crazy before you get responsibilities and mortgages!

I know I intend on crossing EVERY one off these off before I hit the 3 0.

Grab a friend or just your passport and head out to one of my ‘TOP 10  BEST ADVENTURES TO GO ON WHEN YOU’RE 20 SOMETHING…’
In no particular order…

1. Backpack South East Asia

From Elephant Trekking in Chiang Mai, the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, the daily next-to-nothing massages, the tubing in Laos, Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the surfing in Bali, to cocktails and sunsets on the Gili Islands – South East Asia has everything for the young and free spirited.

One of top 3 destinations for a first time backpacker – and it’s not hard to see why!

2. Venture through South America

Culture diversifying by the border, breathtaking treks and trails, world famous waterfalls and salt flats with photo opportunities you’re going to HAVE to prepare for – South America is another gold mine of opportunity and adventure.


3. Spend a year in Australia

Kick back, relax and pop a shrimp on the barby!
It may be a long flight but it is worth every minute and penny.

Soak in the relaxed vibes, the beaming rays and the hot surfers on one of OZ’s many gorgeous beaches.
Feed a kangaroo – hold a koala – swim in the great barrier reef… You’re bucket list is waiting for them ticks!

Be warned – you won’t want to return…

4. Work / Volunteer abroad.

Sometimes that old thing called life gets in the way and we may not have the time or money to do a big adventure. But NO EXCUSES. It’s now more accessible than ever to grab a job across the borders.

Secure an internship in New York, volunteer in a community in Africa, apply for a ski season, help out in the elephant sanctuaries in Thailand, whatever is is you like doing – there will be something to suit you!


5. Adrenalin seeking in New Zealand

Apparently we think we are invincible in our twenties? Well then mum, I’ll go jump off another bungy to prove it…

Head to the world’s adrenalin capital where you can choose between catapulting yourself off the worlds 3rd tallest bungy, bombing through the canyons on the Shotover Jet or descending 14,000ft from a plane over Lake Taupo (with a parachute of course), amongst 100’s of New Zealands other adrenalin rushes.


6. USA Road Trip

Passing through some of the most iconic landmarks and scenes in the world, US road trips are known to be nothing short of incredible.

Grab yourself, a group of friends, a camper van, a few bevy’s, some bikinis and hit the highway!

7. Vegas

Not for the faint-hearted, or the empty pocketed, Vegas is one BIG PARTY. Jump out of a plane, hit the shops and then dance til sun down in one of Vega’s world famous pool parties before hitting the bright lights and casinos by evening.

8. Interrailling through Europe
With so much diversity jam packed into one big beautiful space, an inter-railing pass is a no brainer. Border hop between the likes of Amsterdam, Paris, Rome and Budapest to name a few and jam pack as much as you can into 3 weeks!

Start your interrail adventure here


9. Ibiza

Ibiza is, as ever, one of the most popular European party destinations for young people.

By day you can either soak up the sun on one of Ibiza’s gorgeous beaches, hunt down a pool party or lounge with a cocktail at Cafe Del Mar. Gather at Cafe Mambo to watch the sun go down before heading out into some of the worlds biggest and best clubs to watch world famous DJ’s shake the island up.


10. Yacht Week

Gather your friends, choose one of their stunning destinations, pick a boat and get your bags ready – you’re in for one hell of a treat!

Each day will bring you sailing to a new destination, a chance to discover it, opportunity to jump and enjoy gorgeous the clear waters before partying till sunrise with fellow yacht weekers!

Packages are a week long and so for people with limited annual leave – this is IT.



Any adventures you don’t think people should miss in their 20’s?
I’d love to hear (add it to my list!)
Mollie xxxx


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