The Blue Mountains, Sydney

 In Australia, New South Wales, Sydney
The Blue Mountains were actually a completely unexpected addition to our East Coast Adventure.
We had arrived at Sydney Central Station after a 14 hour journey from Byron Bay on the greyhound bus, but before we could explore the City we had been waiting for, we were to make a quick detour.

Hayley, my travelling partner, has family that live in a place called Richmond just outside of Sydney and they kindly invited us to stay.

It actually worked out wonderfully as we were WELL over due a proper shower and a thorough wash of our backpack contents.

After spending a couple of days relaxing and catching up on sleep, Hayley’s family insisted on taking us out on an adventure.

Having no idea where on earth we were, we agreed and headed to a World Heritage listed place called ‘The Blue Mountains’.

The Blue Mountains are utterly magical. 
The are is densely populated with oil bearing eucalyptus trees which finely disperse oil droplets into the atmosphere. This then, infuses with the dust particles and water vapour to scatter short-wave length rays of light which appear blue in colour.

On the far left of the photo above you can see the 3 sisters rock formation which is the Blue Mountains most famous landmark.
According to one Aboriginal legend, these rocks represent sisters ‘Meehni’, ‘Wimlah’ and Gunnedoo’ who were turned to stone as an act of protection from a witchdoctor. The witch doctor died soon after and was the only being capable of reversing the spell, hence why the sisters still remain.

Now, I’m not one to be afraid of heights (watch me jump the 3rd highest bungy here), but the descent from this viewpoint down to the   ocean of Eucalyptus trees that laid below, sent my stomach into a million roly-polies every single time i looked.
You quite literally feel like you’re on top of the world & are looking into some kind of infinity. Such intensity in the atmosphere yet more calming than you could ever dream – it didn’t seem real.
We took one of the shorter walk options down a zillion steps closer
to the Three Sisters where we engulfed some more incredible views across the mountains…
Though our visit to The Blue Mountains was short and sweet, I’m super glad we got the chance to experience it. 
If you can allocate more time here then there are a ridiculous amount of adventurous activities in the Blue Mountains, some of which include: camping, trekking, horse riding, cable cars and flower gardens.
The Blue Mountains definitely exceeded my expectations and should i have had more time i’d have loved to explored more of it!
Maybe that’s just one more reason for me to come back 😀

Thank you for reading, lots of love…
Mollie xxxx
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