The Falls Festival, Byron Bay | New Year 2015

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G’day y’alllll hope you’re having a good week?!
Today we are going back to my East Coast adventures in Australia and  we happen to be stopping and reminiscing on one of my biggest highlights – The Falls Festival. 
Falls festival, is located 20 minutes outside the heart of Byron Bay and is a 4 day festival that takes place over New Year.
(They also have locations in Lorne & Tasmania – see official website here.)
When travelling down the East Coast we had taken the ‘make it up as you go along’ approach – which is my favourite. It had however meant that we were stuck for hostel accommodation over New Years… i.e. homeless backpackers. So when looking at our options we came across this festival and thought WHY NOT. 
Although it was going to set us back $400, about £200, we would have spent $180 on hostels in those 4 days anyway, and well… a festival, in Australia, at new year, with the sun shining… Would be silly to turn it down right!? RIGHT.

So off we went with a tent, a back pack, some wellies and a 4 day supply of ritz crackers…

Our Falls experience in pictures…
(I will answer all FAQ at the bottom of the post!)
Highlights of the festival?
– George Ezra’s set (Reppin’ for the UK)
– Milky Chance set
– Ice cold Strawberry & Lime Rekorderlig’s to cool you down
– Chill out music tents (for the morning after)
– Late night boogying in The Village
– Watching our friends Elementals dj set on the Troubadour stage
– Discovering the band Sticky Fingers
Luckily, we pitched up our tent next to an amazing group of Aussies who were actually from Byron Bay itself. They took us ‘pommie’s’ under their wing and showed us the Australian way of doing things! Safe to say it was a New Year’s I will forever remember and I am so glad we found ourselves homeless and ending up there.
If you want a free spirited, carefree, music, sun and fun filled New Year with your friends… and you happen to be on the East Coast then The Falls is your place, and I would recommend it to anyone.
Where did you leave your backpacks / valuables?
We took one backpack between the two of us, and left the other (with valuables e.g. laptop in) with a friend in Byron Bay. Travel agents in Byron bay will look after your bags for a fee $.
Did you take a camera?
I took my iPhone and GoPro with me, I kept them with me at all times in a bum bag.
Can you get food there?
Ridiculous amount of food there, not too overly priced either and LOTS of choice.
How did you get to the festival and back?
There are shuttle buses from the centre of Byron Bay straight to the festival for $10 each way.
Where can you purchase tickets?
Can you charge your phone there?
Yes there are portable chargers that you can hire for a small price, or there are a couple of plugs in the toilets.
Are there showers?
The showers were surprisingly good, the water was refilled regularly and they were pretty clean!
Do you get signal at the festival?
Signal isn’t great, the only place I got 3G was at the top of the amphitheatre – but after all you aren’t there to be on your phone!
Where did you get a camping stuff from?
Right by Woolworths in Byron Bay there is a camping shop where we picked up a 2 man tent for $50, some wellies for $25 and a torch! 
Got a question i haven’t answered?
Pop me a comment below and I will do my best to answer it…
After 5 days of madness, partying, muddy feet and living off ritz biscuits, we were SO happy to head back into Byron for a proper shower and a hearty meal. Suddenly backpacker life felt like a luxury and we retreated to the Beach to catch up on some sleeps…
Thank you for reading, lots of love…
Mollie xxxx
If you’re thinking about / planning a trip to Australia, I’ve answered all your questions in my brand new video…

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