Road trip to feed the kangaroos in Morisset, Sydney

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So after nearly a month in Australia adventuring through Cairnsthe great barrier reefthe WhitsundaysFraser Island & Byron Bay we had finally arrived at Sydney. A massive check point on my bucket list.

Another 2 biggies on my bucket list were to see Koalas & Kangaroos.
Although I had met the Koalas at Hartley’s Crocodile Farm, the Kangaroos were still nowhere to be seen.

Basically, I refused to go home to the UK without seeing a Kangaroo and luckily our friend Adele felt the exact same.


Adele had heard of this place an hour and a half drive out of Sydney where the wild kangaroos hang out.

For ages people have been visiting the kangaroos here and so they are pretty friendly and used to the company (food).


We went to a viewing spot right outside the hospital in Morisset.
If you’d like to make a day out of it I believe there is a National park nearby where you can sit by Lake Macquarie with a picnic and the Kangaroos are no strangers there either.

I will note though – the kangaroos are still wild and can be dangerous if, for example, you rile them up or do something silly like chase / throw things / mess around with them.
(Not that you would, but needed to state it’s not a monitored activity).

Saying that, it is SO beautiful and freeing to see them & feed them in the wild.
I had an amazing experience and will treasure these photos forever!






If you’d like to go and experience the Kangaroos in the wild then I do highly recommend Morisset.
It took us an hour and a half to drive there, but split the cost of renting a car between 4 of us and it was pretty cheap. Obviously as well, it’s free to see the Kangaroos, so its a bargain and a once in a lifetime experience!
If you go, please be mindful of what you feed the Kangaroos. Don’t just feed them anything. Do your research and take responsibility.
You can visit the official Morisset website here for more information:
Thank you for reading, lots of love…
Mollie xxxx
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