Lunch at Foxcroft & Ginger, Soho

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Now, i get bored easily – but London never bores me.
Because there are ALWAYS new places to discover – i don’t think you could ever see it all without something changing and something new popping up.

Seeing as I am one of the world’s worst decision makers, I LOVE it when someone recommends somewhere to me or when a PR company approaches me about doing a review.
(saves me doing the research).
So when Foxcroft & Ginger got in touch, i took one look at the menu and immediately accepted the invitation.

Foxcroft & Ginger is a casual cafe type restaurant in the heart of Soho – the food central of London.
There is an upstairs seating area fuelled by natural daylight…

And a downstairs arrangement with some urban decor that is to die for.
(Considered running away with it for my future NYC loft apartment.)
I took my friend Charlotte with me, and being the super indecisive pair that we are, we couldn’t choose just one thing off of the menu. 
So we ummed and ahhed over a Rekordalig (Strawberry & Lime obviously) until we decided to order… well… everything.
Bloggers being bloggers, there was obviously a 10 minute photoshoot session before anything was consumed…
You ready for the food marathon? Get your taste buds ready…
Something light and superfoody…
Something for the cold winters day…
Something for the Goat’s cheese lover (me)…
Something for the Ricotta lover…
Something fodu-licious to dip your sourdough toast in…
Oh and something to pile on top…
It’s safe to say F&G have a very versatile menu, one that would please the most contrasting of diners.
There was nothing we tried that I didn’t like, but i did have some stand-out favourites and some things that were slightly underwhelming…
(the sticky duck burger ๐Ÿ™ for which i had high hopes.)
We both shared the dishes and absolutely LOVED the daily soup, which, on our day was Sweet Potato & Carrot topped with pumpkin seeds. We honestly couldn’t get enough of it and would come back just in the hope we get served it again.
My other favourites were the ‘Goats Cheese, Kale and Walnut pest, Figs & Candy beet on Foccacia’ and the sourdough toast dipped in the ‘tomato fondue’. 
Both were filled with tongue tingling flavours leaving you unable to resist another immediate bite.
Nom nom nom.
My mouth is watering at the thought!
My piggy parter in crime this time was Charlotte (Things i do, think and buy) who is a vegetarian and she was more than impressed with the food choice & taste. 
So for all you veggies – i can give you the seal of approval!
After devouring our way through the menu we headed upstairs to see the daylight & tempt ourselves with the hot drinks menu.
Of course we had no restraint and were sold on the Hot Chocolate and Vanilla Chai…

… both of which perfectly hit the spot and warmed us up ready to attack the cold winds outside.
Overall we absolutely loved it here at Foxcroft & Ginger. The food was super yummy and flavoursome and the atmosphere was perfect for a chilled out vibe & catch up with your closest friends after a spot of shopping on Oxford Street.
We ate from the Lunch menu, but there is also a separate Brunch and evening menu which even offers yummy pizzas!
(you can see the menus here).
Oh and one more thing…
If you head down on a Monday night you can grab any pizza and a beer for just £10!
If you’re in SOHO and would like to dine here just chuck:
3 Berwick Street, Soho
London W1F 0DR 
into your google maps and you’re on your way!
Thank you for reading, lots of love…
Mollie xxxx
Thank you very much to Foxcroft & Ginger for having us – we will certainly be seeing you again soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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