Christmas in Byron Bay, Australia… My first Christmas in the sun ♡

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Now, it takes a lot to draw me away from a glass of mulled wine and being cosied up in front of the fire at Christmas. 

But when the other option is basking in the sun with a coconut… let’s just say the mulled wine happily takes a back seat.

Let’s rewind a little…

We arrived in Byron Bay on Christmas eve, warmly welcomed by the glorious sunshine and streets filled with travellers.

A rep from our accommodation (Holiday Village) met us at the Greyhound Bus stop and showed us back to our little home for Christmas. If you’re wondering about where to stay in Byron, check out My Guide To Byron Bay.

Christmas eve, in England, is usually the day you rush around like a headless chicken completing tasks you had promised yourself to get done weeks ago. Like buying Christmas presents.

But in Byron Bay nothing seemed out of the ordinary, aside from the odd over excited lad swinging his Santa hat around his head on the way back from the bottle shop. (Was pretty funny though).

We did have one task to complete before the shops shut – a Christmas Food shop. Admittedly this was the one day we really did let our backpacker budget slip…

(worth it).

Christmas eve found us first at a big BBQ hosted by our accommodation, notably an ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT which aways gets a 10/10 from me.

The addition of half naked Santa’s running the BBQ, a Santa on the DJ decks AND a santa handing out free condoms made the whole experience so much more entertaining… and i hadn’t even had a drink yet! 

We ate until our hearts were content/ stuffed and then we actually met up with a friend I met 2 years ago in Koh Phi Phi who happened to be here for Christmas too!

The night continued on to Woody’s and Cocomanga’s both of which are too located walking distance on the main strip of Byron Bay.

Admittedly, no matter how old i get, i still open my eyes on Christmas morning with a grin on my face. 
Despite there being no (well 2 little) presents to open and no christmas tree, Hayley and I still hopped straight out of bed knowing exactly what it was time for… A NAUGHTY BREAKFAST.
Presenting… the Australian delicacy that is Banana bread, toasted and topped with ice cream and 2 fingers of Cookies & cream Kitkat. 
Shorty followed by a return to bed and a nap.

When we finally agreed it was time to start the day, we… popped on our bikinis, grabbed some snacks and headed to meet our friends again down at the beach.

Stopping for a fresh coconut on the way obviously…

Not the usual Christmas day view hey. 
But we were most certainly not complaining!! HEAVEN.

Standard tourist photo with the ol’ santa hats on the beach…

…followed by one with my mate Mr. SnowSandman.

Handsome chap isn’t he? 

After wasting away on the beach all afternoon with music playing through the speakers, the odd dip in the ocean to cool off and a few cold ciders, our tummies were rumbling for something a little more substantial. So we headed off back to our apartment to feast on our food supplies.
With another cheeky stop off for a coconut…

In our Christmas shop, aside from buying everything in sight, we had actually bought everything to cook a proper english roast home from home (even Jamie Oliver stuffing). 

But it was 2pm midday heat in Australia and well… there was honestly no worse thought than standing and cooking a hot roast and then having a roast dinner hangover as we headed back to the beach in our bikinis.

So for that reason we saved the roast and opted for a yummy salad…

…and some of my favourite cheese e v e r which I was SO happy to find here in Australia…
For me, foodwise, Christmas is all about Mulled Wine and this cheese, so after being stared at like an alien when asking about mulled wine – i was more than satisfied with the finding of this cheese.
As the day turned to night and the beach bums cleared to freshen up for the evening, we headed down to a quiet main beach for a little walk and nosey about.
Plus a few selfies… obviously.

On our noseying mission, we came across this guy and his camper van at which my jaw DROPPED AT.

How insanely cool is THAT!
A campervan thats roof opens up and turns into a DJ deck & silent disco!

We were the first to grab headphones as Hayley and I are both extremely partial to a silent disco.

Travelling is always full of new experiences, but I didn’t think a silent disco on the beach was going to be one of them! LOVE IT. 

We passed on the message, enjoyed a bit more of the peace on the beach and then pretty much danced the night away…

A one in a million Christmas Day hey. 
Did I miss Christmas in England?
Aside from family, nope. 
I have the rest of my life to enjoy cosy Christmas’s.
This is definitely one I will be telling my grandchildren.
Boxing day was also filled with the unordinary.
It began with a Boxing Day stroll to the Lighthouse, staying true to the English Tradition. None of us had much energy which was probably something to do with all the dancing and excitement involved in the silent disco, so when we realised after an hour of walking that we still couldn’t see the Lighthouse, those beaming Christmas grins were beginning to slide…
We dragged our heels around a couple more, beautiful but at this point tiring, corners and finally we made it.
Just before the Lighthouse you will pass ‘the most easterly point in Australia’…

… at which point you grab your camera and selfie it.

2 minutes later, you’ll reach ‘The Lighthouse’ which boasts amazing views in all directions. 

You can grab an ice cream up there and look back over Byron Bay or on in the other direction over Watego’s Beach which is equally as beautiful… 
The walk from Byron Bay to the Lighthouse is a well known one. Bottle nose dolphins, rays, green turtles and other species are no strangers to the coastline and in season (May-Oct) you can even sight the humpback whales heading north to the warm Coral sea.

Even though we have seen whales, dolphins and turtles on our travels, we did miss out on that experience. 
But the experience was more than made up for as we began our walk back to Byron Bay.


When i say we got drenched. We got DRENCHED. 
Luckily I had my Kanken backpack with me which was fully waterproof so everyone tucked their phones / valuables safely away.
(The backpack was such a good investment for travelling – shop mine here).
It rained SO much and SO hard that we had no choice but to embrace it, jump in puddles and surrender to the backsplashes from the cars on the road.
I didn’t mind at all though really… the rain was warm, we laughed silly amounts and we had that heart warming roast dinner waiting for us at home…

A Christmas to remember 🙂
Thank you for reading, lots of love…
Mollie xxxx

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