15 little resolutions to build a positive life ♡

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1. Let go of the past.
The past haunts us, teases us, annoys us & wastes a lot of our time. Sure – learn from it, but don’t get stuck in it. There is NOTHING you can do about the past now, time to let it go.
2. Stop waiting for tomorrow.
We are forever wishing for tomorrow, for the weekend, for the summer holidays, for christmas, for our birthdays, so much so that we completely disregard right now.
Life is happening right now.

Life is made up of millions of moments, and those moments are yours to shape right. this. second.

3. Stop comparing yourself.
Notice your mood before and after you’ve been on instagram / social media. You may be oblivious but half the time we go on social media in a good mood and come off in a much lower one – myself included.
Stop looking at other peoples bodies, food, clothes, holidays & houses and wishing it was your own.

A perfect photo doesn’t mean somebody’s life is perfect.
Remember that.

4. Don’t be scared to make a change.
Life waits for noone. 

If you find yourself unhappy with someone or something, find the courage to let it go. Remember great things never came from comfort zones, and the most rewarding moments always required a leap of faith.
You don’t want to look back and regret anything, listen to your gut.

5. Own your mistakes.
We all make them. Sometimes we are too proud to admit when we have made a mistake, but you honestly just look like an idiot if you don’t. 

You will gain a lot more respect from others if you are honest with yourself.
It’s all part of your journey.
6. Let people walk away.
A lot of the time we are in love with the memories we have of people and not the person that is actually standing in front of you realtime. Common mistake… don’t worry about it we have all been there.

People change.
The person that once made you happy may not be the one thats going to make you happy now.
7. Stop wanting.
It’s super easy to get caught in the trap of wanting things, possessions, moments and allowing your happiness to depend on them. 

Truth is, you’ll never really be satisfied because there will always be something else you want tomorrow. 
Seeking happiness in material things will only ever be temporary. 
Look for happiness in people and moments & treasure them.

8. Consciously hold yourself back from negative comments.
Whethers it’s about people, the weather, your appearance or your life, make a conscious effort to stop yourself from vocalising these negative comments. 

Watch what it does to your life, your relationships and your general mood.

9. Book the ticket.
‘One day I will go there’ 

‘Maybe ill do that next year’
Your life is happening RIGHT NOW, life waits for noone.
Be spontaneous, book it now otherwise you never will.

10. Smile at someone you don’t know.
Kick start those endorphins.

It’s very hard to not smile back when someone smiles at you, basic human interaction is the biggest breath of fresh air.
Next time you’re walking down the street – do it.

11. It’s not what you have it’s what you do with it.
There are people who have nothing happier than those that seem to have everything.

You’ve got what you’ve got, accept it and work with it.
The only thing standing between you and your happiest life is perspective.
12. Keep fit and healthy.
Sure have a drink at the weekends and treat yourself to that cake in the bakery. But try and find a good balance! You only have one body and you don’t want it to give up on you before you’ve had all the fun. Look after it. 🙂
13. Take photos.
Life is never a smooth journey, photos are a perfect way to remind yourself how good you’ve got it and look back laughing when you’re old and grey.
14. Don’t worry about the future.
‘You are heading out on an adventure and you can always change your mind along the way and try something else.’

Nothing is final.

15. The only limits in life are the ones you make.
Anything is possible if you have the courage to try.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Mollie xxxx

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