Mildred’s Vegetarian Dream, Soho

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Now this hotspot is a REAL TREAT.

With nights drawing in and winter well and truly lumping itself upon us all, we are naturally looking for those heart warming, flavour indulging foods.
The kind of food that lures you in like an excitable child from the cold streets of London.

Well – I found you a new heart warming spot that you must try this winter. 

(If you can hack a meal without meat – highly recommended).

Mildred’s, in Soho.

I was already in London for the day with Grandma to see the sensational tribute that is – the poppies at the Tower Of London. Which can I just say was incredibly breathtaking.

888,246 poppies were planted in towers moat, each poppy representing a British Military fatality during the war.
Our brains cannot physically comprehend the actual amount of people that is, and how many families it affected. But when they are resembled in poppies its quite overwhelming and hits a nerve deep down in your core.

After paying our respects and admiring this beautiful piece of art, we suddenly had time to register how cold we were.
We begun walking towards central London, doing anything BUT heading onto the tube in the rat race that is rush hour.
Que… Mildreds.
Mildreds is a small hotspot based in the food central of London that is Soho. You’ll find it hidden down Lexington Street, burrowed behind a baby blue exterior.
Due to its relatively small size, it fills up pretty quickly so if you’re in a rush to eat and can’t think of anything worse than waiting then try and avoid peak time between 7pm – 9.30pm. 
Mildred’s opening times: 12noon – 11pm, Monday – Saturday.
Anyway let’s get down to business. 
I’m not a vegetarian, but I’m increasingly led towards vegetarian options on menus.
I know what you’re thinking. 
‘I don’t want a plate of vegetables. That’s boring food.’
If this is your mentality (like mine used to be) then let me please be the one to encourage you.
The most incredible flavours can come from spices, seasonings, sauces and vegetables. It does’t have to be meat.
Take a look at this menu… click here and then tell me there’s nothing that takes your fancy?
Okay, there’s a few of you still acting stubborn.
Let me try a visual…

Fresh tortelloni filled with pumpkin, ricotta & chestnut mushroom, soaked in a white wine cream sauce, drizzled with truffle oil.
Oh and a side of perfectly roasted sweet potato fries.
If you’re still not sold, then I’m sorry there is no other way – I demand you go and try it for yourself.

My grandma was equally as impressed with the food and both of our plates were closed to being licked clean (shame we were in public).
I cannot WAIT to go back already and try something different.

If (fingers crossed) i have persuaded you to give it a go, then you’ll find all the information you need on their main website. 
Menus, directions, contact details & they even have their own blog.
I’m already looking forward to your verdicts!
If you go – make sure you tag me on instagram @molliebylett and show me the goodies!
Thank you for reading, lots of love as always,
Mollie xxxx

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