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Last week BodyForm (yes bodyform) contacted me about doing ‘The Live Fearless Challenge’ and blogging it for them. 
The challenge was to do with food (perfect) and involved me going to either a new restaurant or heading to a typical restaurant and choosing something completely different.
Basically, taking a risk or breaking my routine.
I am certainly an advocate for living on the edge, changing your life up a bit and trying something new. (Tonight I fly off to backpack around Australia and New Zealand with one of my best friends).
So let this post be a little push in the right direction, or the encouragement you’ve been waiting for. 
A little reminder that life is about experiences, and doing things you’re going to look back and smile upon when you’re old and grey 🙂
Due to limited time me and my boyfriend went for the ‘usual restaurant but random choice’ option. 
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Pizza Express was the culprit because I NEVER venture away from the Padana (goat’s cheese caramelised onion and spinach), infact I never even look at the menu.
I browsed everything on the menu to find something I’ve NEVER had on pizza, something weird and risky.

Whilst I was making a decision (worst and longest decision maker ever) we ordered some sharing dough balls…

Whilst yes, I have eaten dough balls before, I only ever dip mine in the garlic butter. 
But last night… wait for it… I DIPPED MINE IN ALL OF THEM.
Once I had dipped my toes in the water with a bit of each dip, (garlic butter, pesto and the hot one) my confidence peaked and the hot sauce took a solo…
I can not usually take spicy/ hot things.
But my first risk paid off. Good times.
We finally ordered our mains and my date was doing anything to take his mind off his rumbling tummy…

Incase you can’t make it out… it’s a flower 😉

The pizza i had chosen was the Anatra Romana off their *new* Christmas menu.
The duck & Hoisin pizza…
I was asked to live fearlessly right?

My verdict?
I loved it! The topping combination was definitely worth taking the risk for! 
Would I order it again?
Yes, however the hoisin base was slightly dry (maybe its my sweet tooth not being quite satisfied) but I would have liked it a little more juicy. 
Did we enjoy it?
I think so!
The message I’m trying to get across in this post along with BodyForm is that we, the human race, feel empowered when taking a risk or trying something new. 
Sometimes it’s good to step out of your comfort zone and see what else the world (or Pizza Express) has to offer.
Sometimes it pays off and you find a new lease of life.
And yes, its not for everyone, sometimes it makes you realise that you like your comfort zone and thats where you want to stay.
But if you don’t try you’ll never know, right?
‘I’d rather have a life of ‘oh wells’ than a life of ‘what it’s.’
Thank you for reading, lots of love as always…
Mollie xxxx
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