The Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2014 ♡

 In London
If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you will know I got nominated for a Cosmo Blog Award at this years event. 
So first things first, thank you to EVERYONE to voted for me. I was shortlisted from a total of 47,000 entries and made it into the top 10 in the ‘Lifestyle. So that itself was a massive milestone for me and my blog 🙂

Leading up to the event, it wasn’t ever the competition that was on my mind. It was… WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?!
In a room full of fashion fiends and fitness gurus, WHAT WAS I GOING TO WEAR?!
These thoughts went through my mind months before the event, but OF COURSE, i did absolutely nothing about it and left it until the day. Not even the day before.
So 6 hours before i needed to leave, I headed into town.
Luck was THANKFULLY on my side and I put together one of my favourite outfits to date.
Are you as in love with the fluffy shoes as i am?!
You want to know where they are from don’t you? 

White Top – Buy here
Dusky Pink Blazer – Buy here
Sequin mini skirt – Sold out but LOTS of other sequin skirts here
Dusky Pink Fluffy Shoes – Buy here (also come in black)
I curled my hair, popped on some fake tan (pasty winter legs are a no no in public… ahha), and headed up to London!
Why is it that I always leave SO much time to get ready but end up rushing and doing everything in the last half hour?!
Anyway, I was ready and with no minute to spare I jumped in the car and I hopped on the train to London!
Before I headed to The Oxo Tower for the award evening, I met my friend and Fashion Blogger Sarah for a cheeky pre-party cocktail.

We headed aimlessly towards the Oxo Tower and just next door we found this glamourous little hotspot on the river. The Dandelyan. (Type SE1 9PD in your google maps to locate.) 
The tables were fully booked but we managed to get a seat at the bar and we both ordered a peach and vanilla based cocktail.

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As we begun talking to the bar men we found out that the bar has actually only been open for a week!

It’s a stylish, elegant and very beautifully decorated hotspot, perfect for a date night cocktail or special occasion. 
The cocktail bar is hosted on the ground floor of a beautiful new hotel called The Mondrian, at sea containers
Well worth a visit.
(Of course we couldn’t leave without a bathroom selfie.)
(Oh and then a riverside one.)

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We then headed straight next door to the #cosmoblogawards!
I didn’t take as many photos as i usually do, only because I VLOGGED the whole thing, and i don’t think i’ve yet found the perfect way to multi task and capture everything on film and photo at the same time… haha!
Plus, I did want to get a chance to chat to everyone 🙂

We were welcomed with Cosmopolitans and an array of beautifully presented cocktails, all fully ‘instagrammable’ as you can see.

The room was full of brand set ups offering a variety of different things. Of course I headed to the cakes and the food ones first but there were people doing hair, make up, nail wraps etc etc!
Quite cool.
Downsides? By the time i got to the cakes there was only 1 left ;).

I met some lovely lovely girls at the event, it’s always nice to put a face to a blog and get out from behind our computer screens. 
Although it’s so creepy because I had met none of these girls before but because I follow them on Instagram I felt like I knew everything about their lives already… LOL.
I met a beautiful half swedish girl called Faya who runs so go and check out her blog if you’re into fitness / lifestyle. ♡
We then headed into another room where the award winners were going to be announced…
Unfortunately, I didn’t win my Category ‘Best Lifestyle Blog’ (this year.. hehe) but the winner was indeed the girl I had spent most of my evening with so I am super happy for her and if you’re reading this my love you looked AMAZING!

I was never focused on winning the award at all, (although it would have been lovely), it was honestly just such an honour to be recognised and it shows how much my blog and I are growing.
I want to take this moment to thank ALL OF MY READERS and ANYONE who voted for me from the bottom of my heart.
I love what I do. I love blogging and I love music and I hope you will all grow with me and continue on the adventure!
Love you all lots (sop moment).
Mollie xoxo
P.s. I’ve vlogged this week so watch out for a vlog at the end of the week! Make sure you’re subscribed to my channel 🙂
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