Lava Shell Massage – The latest massage craze that you NEED to try! ♡

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Hello hello all of you 🙂

Now, I’m not sure if you remember, but about a month ago I went to the launch of Charlotte Crosby and Lauren Popes new clothing line with In the Style? (view the post here)
At events there are always brands showcasing their products / services and this event was no different. Whilst hair extensions may not be my thing, I was given a little taster of a Lava Shell massage. The ladies smoothed the most beautiful smelling oil onto my skin and then used the shell and it’s heat to massage me…
The next day I was super excited to receive an email offering me the full experience.
(Of course I said yes.)
I bet you’re wondering what ON EARTH ‘Lava Shell Massage’ is?
I’ll explain in a mo.
Let me talk you through the experience.
The treatment is done in the comfort of your own home and the therapist brings everything so all you need is some space.
Before Hilary arrived I lit my current favourite candle from My Jolie Candle, so that the room smelt beautiful for the treatment.
(There will be a candle giveaway on my instagram soon so come join me!)

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When Hilary arrived it took about 10 minutes to set up, 5 of which is preparing the Lava shells for the treatment.
Here’s the nitty gritty of how it works…
The shells are authentic and come from the Philippines, where they are cleaned and polished until they are silky smooth. 
As you can see above, a tea bag /sachet full of 6 blended dry ingredients goes inside the shell.
Magnesium, Iron, Black Lava Rock, Marine Algae, Sea Kelp and Lava Gel

To activate the heating process a saline solution is added to the shell from a second sachet.
This causes a natural chemical reaction to produce the heat (and believe me they get REAL hot) which takes 5-10 minutes. This exothermic reaction will then continue to generate heat for over an hour (during the massage).
At the end of the treatment the sachet is removed from the shell and if preferred can be disposed of in a food waste bin or on the compost due to them being a blend of food grade minerals. 

Clever huh!? I hadn’t heard of this treatment before but it seems to be a revolution and a no brainer!
Incase you’re wondering… the shells are SUPER smooth, and the heat generated is PERFECT.
To allow the shells to glide over and relax your body they used this Green Tea & Mango massage oil which smelt like HEAVEN.

I had the ‘Lava Relax’ treatment but there are other treatments using the shells like the ‘Therma Facial’ ‘Lava Rescue’ and ‘Lava Detox’.
I know we like to stick to what we know with beauty treatments but after a long and busy week this was the most relaxing hour ever and i would recommend it to anyone.
Perfect idea for a christmas present to treat you mum or a friend, or even yourself…
Sometimes you have to treat yourself 🙂
(mention that I directed you).

Thank you so much to the Ladies at Lava Angels for the treat, I have alotta #lavalove for you x
Mollie xoxo
P.s. have you seen my latest vlog?
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