Social media is SO bad but SO good.

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Social media is pretty much just a reel of highlights from someones life. The good bits, you know?
The days where you look good, the days you’ve been to the gym or spent all the money you’ve saved on something really cool.

Hardly ever the times you just wanna give up, or your hair really needs washing, or your skin has decided to have a spontaneous breakout.

I mean there’s nothing wrong with this, why would we want to portray ourselves under a dimmed light? It just wouldn’t make us feel as good about ourselves.

BUT it is important to recognise that someone’s Instagram or Facebook page – ISN’T a real representation of their life.

It’s a piece of art.

The sooner you realise that, the sooner you rid yourself of jealousy, hate, envy etc etc – all the negative energy that makes you resentful and unhappy.

Anyway I have decided to do a little series of posts labelled #thetruth in which i’m going to talk about some bits and bobs that are personal to me and which may surprise you. 

As my social media grows through singing & blogging I’ve begun to get flattering emails / messages / comments stating things like  ‘i wish i was like you’ ‘you’re so perfect’ ‘i want your life’ etc etc.
(which is crazy and not true).

I wish there was more coverage on social media and how damaging it can be for young people because some can take it way too seriously – and truth is – its not healthy.

‘Noones life is perfect – every one has bad days.’

What are your thoughts? I’d really love these posts to be interactive so get involved! 🙂

You ready?

Mollie xoxo

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