Sometimes you need to just stop… and breathe.

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I honestly cannot believe how quickly this year has gone / is going. 

At the same time I feel I have achieved so much, but never really stopped to appreciate it. I’m always looking to the next thing and before I know it, another week another month and another year has passed.
Being self employed in everything I do requires me to be very organised to keep myself progressing and motivated at all times.
I write lists for each day and each week. I write lists of things to achieve quarterly and things to achieve annually.
I’m list obsessed, obsessed with being busy.
However, something i’m continually learning the importance of is just stopping.
Stopping your crazy thoughts, stopping running around like a crazy chicken and just breathing – just being in ‘right now’.
When was the last time you stopped and reflected?
Take a minute now to just think about your year.
What’s your best memory this year?
The funniest moment you’ve had.
The craziest thing you’ve done.
Think of something you’re so glad you did.
Think of someone you’re so glad you’ve met.
Someone you appreciate.
Someone you love.
Appreciate everything that surrounds you for a minute and just… breathe.
Life is a lot more simple than we like to make it.

Mollie xoxo

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