Shake Shack, Covent Garden – Burgers and Milkshakes.

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One of the things i love about blogging is going to events. Purely because I love being social and meeting new people instead of just ‘knowing people’ through a computer screen.

Earlier this year I was invited to the F&F Fashion Show and took 2 lovely blogger friends with me. We have all been SUPER busy until now but we eventually managed to get a date in the diary for a bit of shopping.

So on Saturday I met the girlies – Gill ( and Sarah ( – in Oxford Circus where we raided Topshop and Forever 21 before heading to Covent Garden for food.
It didn’t take long to decide.
We had heard only amazing things about Le Shake Shack.
It’s located a 3/4 minute walk from Covent Garden Tube and is places in the Market building (in the big square).
I got rather excited (by myself) that they even had food options for the woofs.
Unfortunately I had already eaten (gutted), but I decided to document the experience anyways because the food coming out of the kitchen looked SO GOOD and wanted to show y’all. 🙂
(I’m so nice – i know.)
They serve a variety of burgers, veggie options, hotdogs, milkshakes (awesome flavours) and they also do ‘Concretes’.
A ‘concrete’ is dense frozen yoghurt made fresh with the option of mix in flavours like: Chocolate toffee, peanut butter, marshmallow etc etc. 
It’s a similar system to Vapiano – Oxford Street, you go up and order first, then you get a little buzzer (see pic-cha above) so when you order is ready for collection it flashes and vibrates like crazy :).
BOOM! Presenting The Shake Shack Burger and chips!
One of the best things about hanging out with other bloggers is that they understand pictures take priority. No matter how hungry you are – pictures first.
Que the serious concentrating faces…
And finally, once the killer instagrammable burger shot has been taken – it’s time to tuck in!
Although I didn’t order my own, the girls gave me a bite of theirs and honestly it was mouth-wateringly wonderful.
Proper burgers, soft warm buns and cheese melting on the burger as you bite in.
I’m not a burger fanatic but it goes straight to my top 3 burger joints! I will most definitely be returning to demolish my own.
(Plus the cheesy chips were AWESOME!)
P.s It’s the only Shake Shack in London so if you’re in or around Covent Garden (and fancy a burger) – this is your answer!
P.p.s. For the ultimate indulgence pop round the corner to La Duree afterwards for a macaroon. You will not regret it…

Mollie xoxo

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