FREE cocktails – The Stoli Lemonade Van Tour hits London!

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The guys over at Stoli got in touch about a week ago and wondered if my London readers would like to know about their Free Lemonade tour this summer…
I’m thinking it was maybe the ‘FREE’ part that caught your eye and bought you here (naturally), so OF COURSE I said tell me more…
Stolichnaya Premium Vodka is the worlds most original Vodka. 
Splash it over a Mason Jar full of ice, freshly squeezed lemon and sparkling water and you have yourself an extremely refreshing, classic combo – perfect to cool you down in this beautiful weather.
The Stoli Lemonade Tour 2014 is hitting up London in some of the most iconic squares and will be handing the cocktail to passers by for… FREE! Oh and their limited edition Sorbet!
Where can you find them I hear you ask?
Saturday 2nd August – The N1 Centre, Angel
Thursday 7th August – Reuters Plaza, Canary Wharf
Saturday 9th August – Old Spitalfield’s Market, Shoreditch
Thursday 14th August – Exchange Square, Broadgate
They very kindly sent me a bottle to try for myself, so I gave the recipe a whirl (minus the sugar syrup because i didn’t have any to hand. Could have done with a little to sweeten but was refreshing none-the-less.)
If lemon isn’t your thing, then go crazy, add your own concoxion of fruits and flavours. 
Stoli Lemonade Recipe:
2parts Stoil Vodka
1 part fresh lemon juice
1 part sugar syrup
2 parts water (still / sparkling / soda)
Garnish with lemon wheels 🙂

Stoli vodka comes in SO MANY cool different flavours, personally the Chocolate Coconut one sounds AMAZING. 
View the collection here

(Ollie’s sorry face. He had just been on a walk and GOTTEN FILTHY in the mud. Check him out in all his glory on my instagram – molliebylett,)

Mollie xoxo
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