♡ Recording studio pic-chas…

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So I spent yesterday recording a new cover video that will be up on my Youtube at the end of this week 🙂

I just had to share my outfit because dungarees are my FAVOURITE, aaand my new shoesies came yesterday too.
V Neck white vest – buy here, New Look
Dungarees – sold out but similar selection here, ASOS
Leather mule plimsolls – Buy mine here or PINK ONES here, ASOS

This is one of my favouritest outfits ever. The dungarees are casual but cool, the v neck is simple and fresh for summer and the plimsolls, well, i just love them. 
They give a bit of colour/pattern to an otherwise simple outfit. Plus, they are the perfect ‘inbetween’ at this time of year, breezier than converse but more sheltered than flip-flops.
ASOS are actually spot on with shoes at the moment, i love so many of their new sandals… you can check ’em out here but I can’t promise you won’t be tempted! hehe…
Mollie xoxo

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