Lunch at Whole Foods Market, Piccadilly Circus

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Last week I was in London for BLFW and managed to squeeze in a quick catch up over lunch with my friend Lydia (who you may remember from my Good Life Eatery blog post).

We headed to The Whole Foods market at Piccadilly – I have been waiting to go here for ages so it was a very satisfying cross off of my ‘to-do list’.

The nearest tube is Piccadilly Circus (funnily enough) where you will see these iconic billboardy things.
Whole foods market is just down the little walkway on the left of this picture…

As i was waiting for Lyd I embarrassed the toastie man whilst he was toastying away.

(It was a much toastier (hehe) option that waiting in the bitter winds outside.)

So the Whole Foods Market, as the name suggests, has a big market inside with lots and lots of goodies. 

They have a lot of produce that can sometimes be hard to source in your standard supermarket.
E.g. things like Cacao powder, coconut flour, buckwheat flour.

(If you struggling finding ingredients for my Sweet Potato Brownies then head here!)

They have an abundance of fresh fruit, veg and juices for you to grab on-the-go if you dont have time to stop.

These neatly aligned pots of fruit caught my eye, particularly the strawberries and chopped coconut.

Although it was about £4.50 which I thought was slightly over priced. But then again we are in London.


I think this was my face just before I made the bananas topple…
SO. Onto the food food.
You can grab hot or cold food here, from the buffet/ as a meal deal/ or just pick and choose whatever you fancy from all of it!
I went for the Salmon Teryaki with 2 sides.
1 being broccoli and sundried tomatoes.
The other being, Chargrilled Asparagus, Courgette and Haloumi salad.

Again, if you are on the go, they come in cute little boxes that you can take away, or if you have time theres seating upstairs ๐Ÿ™‚
I picked up my favourite Nakd. bar from the til and headed upstairs with Lyd.
My meal cost £8 something – not too bad a price.
The Salmon Teryaki was honesly BEAUTIFUL, it was moist, it flaked so elegantly and it had the perfect tang to it.
The sides were beautiful also – honestly very very impressed with the quality of my lickle food box. Well worth the money.

Obviously as we tucked in, conversation went silent.
But as soon as we filled our tummies we caught up on life, plans and boys.

Lydia is a London based Health Coach and is just launching her new website/ blog which you can find here

(Lots of healthy recipes and inspiration)
We spoke about Lydia putting up a post for you on here, with some tips and advice on staying healthy and looking after your body.
Stay tuned to hear all about it ๐Ÿ™‚
Twitter @molliebylett – Instagram @molliebylett 

Mollie xoxo

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