Tortilla Mexican Burritos + Tacos, Charing Cross

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After devouring a burrito a couple of weeks ago at Chipotle Mexican Grill, I was kindly pointed in the direction of this little gem…

We headed to the one at Charing Cross, a 5 minute direct tube on the northern line from Waterloo so very central London.

You can check all their locations here on their website.

The smell of burritos completely bowls me over and so my mouth begun watering the moment I got in there…

I went for my usual- Babbacoa (shredded beef), with pinto beans, rice, guacamole and grated cheese.
(It’s 10pm now, ive just had dinner and my mouth is STILL watering at the thought.)

You can take away your mexican dish or you can sit in their restaurant.

We went upstairs (i love a good view whilst im eating)…

*Above is a ‘Naked Burrito’, basically all the fillings but without the wrap…

*Below is a side of Tortilla chips with a super HOT sauce. There’s no guessing that these weren’t for me!

As you can see in the photo above, they provide on every table a ‘How to eat your Burrito’.

Naturally I avoid any instruction I’m given and decide that I know better. 
On this occasion I was defeated by the Burrito and made a mess.
(I am usually queen clean burrito eater i swear).

I eventually gave in and put the foil back on the burrito so that the contents didn’t continue spilling on my white jumper.
No time for posing here…

Honestly, it was soooooo good and fresh and I’m not good at explaining this but it was everything i wanted it to be.
I give this an 8/10, which definitely marks it ahead of Chipotle. Sorry Chipotle. (Also cheaper! and personally i thought you got more – always a bonus in my eyes.)
The window seats upstairs gave us a very London-esque view (traffic, London taxis and buses) which I am a sucker for and love watching the world go by.
Just make sure you go with someone cool, I mean you wouldn’t want a boring view when you go to slurp ya drink would ya?

Nearest Tube?
Charing Cross
It’s a 10 second walk from Trafalguar Sq, so make the most of the sunshine, grab a burrito and sit in the Sq!
Seriously leave me a comment if you know of any other good burrito hotspots in London – I am ready and waiting for the recommendation!
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Mollie xoxo
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