Showcase Live: Under The Bridge, Chelsea

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On Tuesday night I headed down with a few friends to Showcase Live in London.
It’s located underneath the Chelsea FC stadium in a venue called ‘Under the Bridge’.
It’s basically a night filled with new artists that are up and coming / new on the scene. It’s an intimate venue (my favourite) and has a bar, seating area and a standing area. 
It’s a pretty cool place to come hang out with your friends, have a drink and listen to some up and coming talent.
Here’s the talent we were graced with on Tuesday night…
Anyone remember YouTube sensation Esmee Denters?
As it was Showcase Lives 7th anniversary they held a poll for the ‘Favourite Showcase Live Act so far’. 
Tich won this poll and so came down to perform her new single ‘Breathe In Breathe Out’…

Cameron Bloomfield is an undeniable talent who reminds me slightly of Ed Sheeran but with his very own twist and unique vocal.

Tyler and Stevie are from America and are just big balls of energy bringing some craziness as well as crazy talent to the stage.

I only decided to get my camera out after the first act had finished, and she actually happened to be my favourite. So i have no pictures, but she is beautiful and has the most beautiful voice.
I really do think this girl is one to watch! The track that stuck with me is the one below 🙂 Have a listen!

The next Showcase Live event is Monday 14th April 2014, and you can get tickets here for just £10. Ticket Link!
If you’re reading this after 14th April 2014 then head over to their website where you can see the next event!
Or join them on Facebook for the latest acts/shows and news!

Mollie xoxo

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