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Krakow - Main Sq, Obwarzanek's and Wesele for dinner.

Updated On 25th June, 2018

So it our the last night in Poland and after a swim and a steam (and a sleep) in our Hotel spa we were all pretty tired.

To save us the walk – we hopped in a taxi and asked him to take us back to The Square for dinner.
We thought the place we ate dinner last night was ‘the square’ (Kazimierz District) but we were pleasantly surprised when we were dropped somewhere completely different.
Little did we know we were completely wrong and so we stumbled across the main square (Rynek Główny) purely by accident.

Had we not opted for a taxi we wouldn’t have seen how beautiful the square was! I can’t believe we nearly went home without going here!

In the above photo you can see the Cloth Hall beautifully lit up, this building is the central and main feature of the square.

We suddenly felt like we were in Europe and felt very welcome with lots of bars and restaurants to choose from. (Standard tourists).

Before I came here I noted a few things I wanted to try and see. 2 things were food delicacies: Zapiekanka (half a baguette with various toppings) and the Obwarzanek (chewy dough pretzel like ring thing).

I didn’t go out of my way to find either, in all honestly I forgot about them. But as we walked the streets in search of a place to eat I stumbled across this little stand.

I recognised the Obwarzanek’s straight away and hopped over to him.
They are boiled before being baked and then usually topped with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, mixed herbs or cheese.

One of these cost me 1.5 Polish Zloty, the equivalent of 30p.
I had to give it a go.

I had a little munch on it as we continued walking – trying not to completely ruin my dinner. It had a very subtle sweetness which meant it didn’t need a filling or dip. It was moist enough which meant you weren’t gagging for a drink after either.

A winner in my eyes. Perfect snack on a day in the city.

As we continued to walk, this barrel caught my eye.
Well not the barrel, the little white piece of paper in the windowy-thing.

After ip dip dooing, Dad made his choice and to my delight it was Wesele (mulled wine selling) Restaurant
(Located on the square itself, facing the Cloth Hall i pictured above).
Initially it was the pretty decoration of the restaurant that caught my eye. 
*cough mulled wine cough*.

And the menu wonderfully reached the same standard.

To start us off J went for the Traditional fried potato pancakes,

whilst myself and daddy shared the Traditional homemade dumplings filled with Saurkraut, mushrooms and onion…

Both starters were very very yummy and left us eagerly awaiting the next course…
Goose breast on a bed of golden pears roasted with honey and red wine served with a size of dwarf apples and cranberries

Slices of a roast leg of veal on a bed of creamy mushrooms with a side of pan fried potato wedges.

As for me? I had the Chicken breast stuffed with dried plums served on a bed of creamy garlic spinach.

This was AMAZING and i finished every single last bit.

We shared a couple of hot apple pies and ice cream between us which finished us of perfectly.

We may have gone all out on the starter, main, pudding and drink. But we were on holiday and my god, the food was worth it.

If you come to Poland and are doing the Auschwitz tours, the square is WELL worth a visit. 
There are plenty of restaurants to choose from and you can find a buzz that we didn’t find anywhere else, a european buzz if thats what you’re looking for. 
The Wesele restaurant was beautifully presented, amazing food and service and again to us Londonders – VERY CHEAP.
I would 100% go back if I find myself in Poland again! 🙂

Mollie xoxo
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