Instagram Polaroids – DIY ♡

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Now if theres something I love nearly as much as creating memories, it’s keeping them and remembering them.
I keep an on going scrapbook, i love instagram, photoframes, photobombed accessories and earlier on this year I was looking to buy a polaroid camera.
The Fujifilm Instax seemed perfect for just £69, but the polaroids weren’t that full sq. size. And because polaroid cameras are a thing of the past now (sadly), generally the print paper is SO expensive.
So when I stumbled across Polargram, I found the perfect solution. ♡

Link up your Instagram to the website in a couple of clicks, choose between 12, 24 and 48 of your photos to print, and then pay. 

It’s soooo quick and simple – I went for 48 which was £12. I believe 24 are £9. 

They arrived in a couple of days and they even slid in a little Maoam with it. HOW CUTE. 

(it’s the little things right?)

Okay so with mine I wanted to decorate my bedroom wall so here’s what I used.

♡ BluTack ‘Glu dots’ (64 in a pack)(got mine from Tesco)
♡ Polaroids
♡ Sharpie pen (optional)

Firstly, I lay out the design of what I wanted on my bed. I then rearranged the polaroids so that I didnt for example have too many Black & White ones clumped together…

I then took a sticky dot at a time, peeled back the paper side…


stuck it onto the top middle (on the back) of the polaroid, and then peeled off the plastic side…


I then stuck it straight onto the wall.


Now I was going to be arty and just stick them randomly which would have looked cool but my tidy side kicked in and I got a tape measure and jotted a couple of pencil marks to keep them all inline instead…

10 photos (length) x 4 photos (height)


It’s like after all that hard work the guys at Polargram knew we were gunna need a sugar fix.

Que. The MAOAM.

Apart from a few bits to clear up it’s a pretty quick jobby to do! 
(I decided to not use the sharpie, but i figured i could always go back and write on them if i changed my mind.)

So now, as I sit at my desk and blog and sing and what have you, I am surrounded by amazing memories 🙂
(You now have evidence of the 7 to-do lists I have on the go – I was noooooo joking.)
I’ll definitely be using Polargram again, until all my walls are covered with photos!
If you don’t want to cover your walls, pop one in your purse, fill a scrapbook with them, or send one to a friend with a little caption to remind them how much you love them 🙂
Check out the website here and make your order…

Mollie xoxo

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