SaBurritos, O’Connell St, Dublin

 In Europe, Ireland
I had never had a burrito until I tried the American born hotspot Chipotle last year (which has now flown itself over to London). 
I was missing out ALLLL that time!

As we walked down O’Connell Street, the orange glow that is saburritos caught my eye and suddenly, I fancied a Burrito.
So off we went back to our apartment to grab the last member of the team and we headed back to Saburritos.
If you stand at ‘The Pointless Point’ theres a road running perpendicular to O’Connell Street, if you look down (whatever way your coming from) you’ll spot saburritos.

It’s a super quick process, but unlike McDonald’s etc you don’t leave just wanting to crawl into your bed and eat a bowl of fruit.

Well I’m glad it didn’t, because it was New Year’s Eve and there’s no time for party pooping. 🙂


Simply choose your item (burrito, enchilada, nachos), choose the fillings, pay… and EAT!

Click here if you want to see the full saburritos MENU / toppings.


I went for the Burrito with:
Coriander + lime rice,
Pinto Beans,
Pulled Beef (UNREAL)
+ Guacamole.
(A combination I would HIGHLY recommend)

I skipped the salsa bit as I’m no good with spice, and I also skipped the lettuce bit.

But I think my burrito was looking pretty full already? 🙂

When you get to the bottom there is just a gooey mess of guacamole, melted cheese, beef soaked rice and of course some of that yummy beef.

(That’s if you haven’t made a massive mess and let everything slip out).
*cough* boys *cough*.

There’s just something about the last bite!
You know the chocolate bottom of the Cornetto is what your waiting for the whole time…

Well… you could say I enjoyed that!!!

Honestly filled the gap perfectly. Filling and feels wholesome 🙂 I loved it so much it was on my mind for the next couple of days and we had to go back for another!

They only have 4 of these chains (see on website here) and 2 of those are in Dublin centre as you can see below. 🙂

Thank you saburritos!
I will most definitely be seeing you again!

Remember you will be able to come with us and experience it as it features in my new VLOG! (coming very soon!)

Have you found any other good burritos in Dublin?! I’d love to know 🙂

Mollie xoxo
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