Need some Valentine’s Day Inspiration? ♡

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I’ve always been a big believer that you don’t have to spend money to have a good time. And you don’t have to spend money to show someone you care. 

Obviously money does buy nice things if you have it, but ‘i have no money’ is the worst excuse in the whole entire book.
(Girls take the hint).

Understandably, some boys don’t think like us girls and have NO idea, so they simply need a shove in the right direction. 
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With a little help from Pinterest and my FAVOURITE online shop Not On The Highstreet I have put together a little guide…

Let’s kick it off with Breakfast in bed…


Chocolate decorated Strawberries and a glass of champagne.
Sharpie pen some cheesy lines onto some fruit for breakfast…
Polaroid style photos – Buy them here from Not On The Highstreet
Leave notes around the house and on the bed. Now that really does cost nothing, but honestly it’s the cutest thing as a girl to find.
(The one above was actually one left for me 🙂 )

Buy a pack of cards, grab a pen and follow my 52 Things I love about you blog post
Make dinner / do some baking.
Here’s a link to my REALLY SIMPLE Rocky Road Recipe

Balloons! Grab 3 ballons and write a significant date on the balloons, e.g. date you met, date you got engaged or simply ‘blah ♡ blah’

I LOVE this idea of filling a room with balloons…

Heart shaped EVERYTHING! ♡  ♡  ♡  ♡  ♡

Maybe go out for dinner, or create dinner yourself in a special setting…

…organise picnics, rowing boats, all that stereotypical stuff!

Write something on the mirror with a lipstick!

Girls, use that colour that is collecting dust.
(You can get them super cheap for a pound or 2 in Tesco/Boots!)

Cover the bed in pillow feathers, rose petals, or…. SWEETS!


‘Your side, My side’ Pillows.
My best friend got me mine for Christmas…


I guess you could say that was quite feminine based… but boys secretly love all of that too! Breakfast in bed – basically anything to do with food, boys are a LOT more easily pleased!
Just use your imagination and show them you care without caving into the high restaurant and commercial prices!
I’ll be back with more Valentine baking ideas at the beginning of next week! ♡
Mollie xoxo

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